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wims  3.65+svn20090927
type.c File Reference
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void req_type (void)

Function Documentation

void req_type ( void  )

Definition at line 21 of file type.c.

    int i,l;
    char *p;
    int commas[MAX_COMMAS];
    int commacnt;
    if(objlinecnt<2) return;
    while((p=wordchr(objline[0],"nocomma"))!=NULL) {
       nocomma=1; strcpy(p,p+strlen("nocomma"));
    for(i=1;i<objlinecnt;i++) {
       thisobjline=i; p=find_word_start(objline[i]);
       if(*p=='>') {
           if(logdir<0) continue;
           p=find_word_start(p+1); linelogdir=1;
       else if(*p=='<') {
           if(logdir>0) continue;
           p=find_word_start(p+1); linelogdir=-1;
       thislinelen=strlen(p); if(thislinelen<=0) continue;
       l=_type(p,commas,&commacnt); printf("%s\n",typenames[l]);


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