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wims  3.65+svn20090927
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rene.zirkel.constructors.ObjectConstructor Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void mousePressed (MouseEvent e, ZirkelCanvas zc)
void mouseReleased (MouseEvent e, ZirkelCanvas zc)
void mouseDragged (MouseEvent e, ZirkelCanvas zc)
void mouseMoved (MouseEvent e, ZirkelCanvas zc, boolean simple)
void finishConstruction (MouseEvent e, ZirkelCanvas zc)
boolean waitForLastPoint ()
boolean waitForPoint ()
void reset (ZirkelCanvas zc)
void resetFirstTime (ZirkelCanvas zc)
void invalidate (ZirkelCanvas zc)
void showStatus (ZirkelCanvas zc)
boolean construct (XmlTree tree, Construction c) throws ConstructionException
boolean testTree (XmlTree t, String tag)
void setName (XmlTag tag, ConstructionObject o)
void set (XmlTree tree, ConstructionObject o) throws ConstructionException
void setConditionals (XmlTree tree, Construction c, ConstructionObject o)
String getTag ()
void construct (Construction c, String name, String params[], int nparams) throws ConstructionException
void pause (boolean flag)
boolean useSmartBoard ()

Protected Attributes

boolean Dragging = false

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

void rene.zirkel.constructors.ObjectConstructor.construct ( Construction  c,
String  name,
String  params[],
int  nparams 
) throws ConstructionException [inline]
void rene.zirkel.constructors.ObjectConstructor.mouseMoved ( MouseEvent  e,
ZirkelCanvas  zc,
boolean  simple 
) [inline]

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       {      reset(zc);

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       {      XmlTag tag=tree.getTag();
              if (tag.hasParam("n"))
              {      try
                     {      o.setNCount(new Integer(tag.getValue("n")).intValue());
                     catch (Exception ex)
                     {      throw new ConstructionException("Illegal count!");
              if (tag.hasParam("hidden"))
              {      if (tag.getValue("hidden").equals("super")) o.setSuperHidden(true);
                     else o.setHidden(true);
              if (tag.hasTrueParam("showvalue"))
              {      o.setShowValue(true);
              if (tag.hasTrueParam("showname"))
              {      o.setShowName(true);
              if (tag.hasTrueParam("background"))
              {      o.setBack(true);
              else o.setBack(false);
              if (tag.hasTrueParam("parameter"))
              {      o.setParameter();
              if (tag.hasTrueParam("mainparameter"))
              {      o.setMainParameter();
              if (tag.hasTrueParam("target"))
              {      o.setTarget(true);
              if (tag.hasTrueParam("break"))
              {      o.setBreak(true);
              if (tag.hasTrueParam("hidebreak"))
              {      o.setHideBreak(true);
              if (tag.hasTrueParam("solid"))
              {      o.setSolid(true);
              if (tag.hasTrueParam("bold"))
              {      o.setBold(true);
              if (tag.hasTrueParam("large"))
              {      o.setLarge(true);
              if (tag.hasParam("xoffset") || tag.hasParam("yoffset"))
              {      int x=0,y=0;
                     {      if (tag.hasParam("xoffset"))
                            if (tag.hasParam("yoffset"))
                     catch (Exception e)
                     {      throw new ConstructionException("Illegal offset value");
              if (tag.hasTrueParam("keepclose"))
              {      o.setKeepClose(true);
              if (tag.hasParam("xcoffset") || tag.hasParam("ycoffset"))
              {      double x=0,y=0;
                     {      if (tag.hasParam("xcoffset"))
                                   x=new Double(tag.getValue("xcoffset")).doubleValue();
                            if (tag.hasParam("ycoffset"))
                                   y=new Double(tag.getValue("ycoffset")).doubleValue();
                     catch (Exception e)
                     {      throw new ConstructionException("Illegal offset value");
              if (tag.hasParam("color"))
              {      try
                     {      String s=tag.getValue("color");
                            int n=-1;
                            for (int i=0; i<ZirkelFrame.ColorStrings.length; i++)
                            {      if (s.equals(ZirkelFrame.ColorStrings[i]))
                                   {      o.setColor(i); n=i; break;
                            if (n<0)
                            {      n=Integer.parseInt(s);
                                   if (n<0 || n>=ZirkelFrame.Colors.length)
                                          throw new Exception("");
                     catch (Exception ex)
                     {      throw new ConstructionException("Illegal color index (1-"+
              if (tag.hasParam("type"))
              {      String type=tag.getValue("type");
                     if (type.equals("thick")) o.setColorType(ConstructionObject.THICK);
                     if (type.equals("thin")) o.setColorType(ConstructionObject.THIN);
                     if (type.equals("invisible")) o.setColorType(ConstructionObject.INVISIBLE);
              if (tag.hasParam("unit"))
              Enumeration e=tree.getContent();
              while (e.hasMoreElements())
              {      tree=(XmlTree)e.nextElement();
                     if (tree.getTag() instanceof XmlTagText)
                     {      o.setText(((XmlTagText)tree.getTag()).getContent(),true);

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       {      o.clearConditionals();
              int i=0;
              XmlTag tag=tree.getTag();
              while (tag.hasParam("ctag"+i) && tag.hasParam("cexpr"+i))
              {      String t=tag.getValue("ctag"+i);
                     String e=tag.getValue("cexpr"+i);
                     Expression ex=new Expression(e,c,o);

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       {      if (tag.hasParam("name"))
              {      o.setName(tag.getValue("name"));
              if (tag.hasParam("alias"))
              {      o.setAlias(tag.getValue("alias"));

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Reimplemented in,, rene.zirkel.constructors.AngleConstructor, rene.zirkel.constructors.CircleConstructor, rene.zirkel.constructors.IntersectionConstructor,, rene.zirkel.constructors.LineConstructor,, rene.zirkel.constructors.AreaConstructor, rene.zirkel.constructors.PointConstructor, rene.zirkel.constructors.ParallelConstructor,, rene.zirkel.constructors.Circle3Constructor,,,,,,,,,, rene.zirkel.constructors.SegmentConstructor, rene.zirkel.constructors.ImageConstructor,,,, rene.zirkel.constructors.ExpressionConstructor,, rene.zirkel.constructors.BoundedPointConstructor, rene.zirkel.constructors.QuadricConstructor,,,, rene.zirkel.constructors.TextConstructor,,, rene.zirkel.constructors.MidpointConstructor, rene.zirkel.constructors.PlumbConstructor, and rene.zirkel.constructors.RayConstructor.

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       {      return t.getTag().name().equals(tag);

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