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wims  3.65+svn20090927
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rene.util.ftp.Answer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void get (BufferedReader in) throws IOException

Package Functions

int code ()
String text ()

Package Attributes

int Code
String Text

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

int rene.util.ftp.Answer.code ( ) [inline, package]

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{ return Code; }

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void rene.util.ftp.Answer.get ( BufferedReader  in) throws IOException [inline]

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       {      String s=in.readLine();
              String CodeString=s.substring(0,3);
              if (s.charAt(3)=='-')
              {      while (true)
                     {      s=in.readLine();
                            if (s.startsWith(CodeString))
                            {      Text=Text+"\n"+s.substring(4);

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String rene.util.ftp.Answer.text ( ) [inline, package]

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{ return Text; }

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Member Data Documentation

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String rene.util.ftp.Answer.Text [package]

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