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wims  3.65+svn20090927
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ptolemy.plot.PlotFrame.FileMenuListener Class Reference
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void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 531 of file

Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 532 of file

            JMenuItem target = (JMenuItem) e.getSource();
            String actionCommand = target.getActionCommand();

            try {
                if (actionCommand.equals("Open")) {
                } else if (actionCommand.equals("Save")) {
                } else if (actionCommand.equals("SaveAs")) {
                } else if (actionCommand.equals("Export")) {
                } else if (actionCommand.equals("Print")) {
                } else if (actionCommand.equals("Close")) {
            } catch (Exception exception) {
                // If we do not catch exceptions here, then they
                // disappear to stdout, which is bad if we launched
                // where there is no stdout visible.
                JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "File Menu Exception:\n"
                        + exception.toString(), "Ptolemy Plot Error",

            // NOTE: The following should not be needed, but there jdk1.3beta
            // appears to have a bug in swing where repainting doesn't
            // properly occur.

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