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SharpTools.SharpCellEditor Class Reference

This is the only editor for the SharpTableModel because it is the only cell object editor. More...

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Public Member Functions

 SharpCellEditor (final JTextField textField)
 Creates new SharpCellEditor.
JTextField getTextField ()
 get the component used by this editor

Private Attributes

JTextField textField
 the JTextField object this editor uses

Detailed Description

This is the only editor for the SharpTableModel because it is the only cell object editor.

The only special feature is that it displays the formula string of a formula cell when cell is being edited. It inherits all methods of the DefaultCellEditor.

Ricky Chin

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SharpTools.SharpCellEditor.SharpCellEditor ( final JTextField  textField) [inline]

Creates new SharpCellEditor.

textFielda JtextField object

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       this.textField = textField;

        /* To account for formula feature only need
         * to override the setValue method in EditorDelegate inner
         * class.
        delegate = new EditorDelegate() {
            public void setValue(Object value) {
              if (value instanceof Cell) {
                    Cell temp = (Cell)value;
                    /* when editing formula cell
                     * a string representation is displayed
                    if (temp.isFormula()) {
                        textField.setText("=" + temp.getFormula().toString());
                    else {
                        //otherwise it is just the normal string conversion
                else {
                    //empty cells display nothing
                    textField.setText((value == null) ? "" : value.toString());


           public Object getCellEditorValue() {
              return textField.getText();

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Member Function Documentation

JTextField SharpTools.SharpCellEditor.getTextField ( ) [inline]

get the component used by this editor

the JTextField used by this editor

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{ return textField; }

Member Data Documentation

the JTextField object this editor uses

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