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wims  3.65+svn20090927
Molec Member List
This is the complete list of members for Molec, including all inherited members.
add(fraction f)Molec
alMolec [private]
chMolec [private]
charge() const Molec [inline]
coeff(fraction f)Molec
compte(Compteur &c) const Molec [inline]
debug(int decal=0) const Molec [inline]
eqMol(const Molec *m) const Molec [inline]
iselectron() const Molec
iswater() const Molec
liste() const Molec [inline]
Molec(AtomeListe *a, int c=0, int n=1, int d=1)Molec [inline]
Molec(const Molec &m)Molec [inline]
nbMolec [private]
nbelectron() const Molec
noMolec [private]
nombre(int n, int d=1)Molec [inline]
nombre() const Molec [inline]
numero(int n)Molec [inline]
numero() const Molec [inline]
operator&(Membre &m1, Membre &m2)Molec [friend]
operator-(Membre &m1, Membre &m2)Molec [friend]
printcount(std::ostream &o, bool first) const Molec
printelec(std::ostream &o, bool first) const Molec
printNernst(std::ostream &o, const char *prefix="")Molec
printNernstWIMS(std::ostream &o, bool wantedlatex)Molec
printNombre(std::ostream &o) const Molec
printnorm(std::ostream &o) const Molec
printspecies(std::ostream &o, bool first) const Molec
printweigh(std::ostream &o) const Molec
signature() const Molec
sub(fraction f)Molec
tMolec [private]
triage()Molec [inline]
typage() const Molec [inline]
typage(moltype at)Molec [inline]
weight(void) const Molec [inline]