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unity  6.0.0
panel-a11y.h File Reference
#include <glib-object.h>
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G_BEGIN_DECLS void panel_a11y_init (void)

Function Documentation

G_BEGIN_DECLS void panel_a11y_init ( void  )

Definition at line 129 of file panel-a11y.c.

  gchar *bridge_path = NULL;

  if (a11y_initialized)

  /* Restore environment to load AT bridge */
  g_unsetenv ("NO_AT_BRIDGE");
  g_unsetenv ("NO_GAIL");

  if (!should_enable_a11y ())

  /* Load PanelUtilAccessible class */
  g_type_class_unref (g_type_class_ref (PANEL_TYPE_UTIL_ACCESSIBLE));

  bridge_path = get_atk_bridge_path ();
  if (a11y_invoke_module (bridge_path))
      g_debug ("Unity accessibility started, using bridge on %s", bridge_path);

  g_free (bridge_path);
  atk_get_root ();

  a11y_initialized = TRUE;

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