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unity  6.0.0
unity::glib::Signal< R, G, Ts > Member List
This is the complete list of members for unity::glib::Signal< R, G, Ts >, including all inherited members.
Callback(G Object, Ts...vs, Signal *self)unity::glib::Signal< R, G, Ts > [private, static]
callback_unity::glib::Signal< R, G, Ts > [private]
Connect(G Object, std::string const &signal_name, SignalCallback const &callback)unity::glib::Signal< R, G, Ts > [inline]
connection_id_unity::glib::SignalBase [protected]
name() const unity::glib::SignalBase
name_unity::glib::SignalBase [protected]
object() const unity::glib::SignalBase
object_unity::glib::SignalBase [protected]
Ptr typedefunity::glib::SignalBase
Signal()unity::glib::Signal< R, G, Ts > [inline]
Signal(G object, std::string const &signal_name, SignalCallback const &callback)unity::glib::Signal< R, G, Ts > [inline]
SignalBase()unity::glib::SignalBase [protected]
SignalCallback typedefunity::glib::Signal< R, G, Ts >
~SignalBase()unity::glib::SignalBase [virtual]