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unity  6.0.0
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DashStyle.h File Reference
#include <Nux/Nux.h>
#include <Nux/View.h>
#include <Nux/AbstractButton.h>
#include <cairo.h>
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class  unity::dash::Style


namespace  nux
namespace  unity
 Internally the favorite store keeps the full path to the application, but when saving, only the desktop file id is saved if the favorite is in one of the system directories.
namespace  unity::dash


enum  unity::dash::StockIcon {
  unity::dash::CHECKMARK, unity::dash::CROSS, unity::dash::GRID_VIEW, unity::dash::FLOW_VIEW,
enum  unity::dash::Alignment { unity::dash::LEFT = 0, unity::dash::CENTER, unity::dash::RIGHT }
enum  unity::dash::Orientation { unity::dash::UP, unity::dash::DOWN, unity::dash::LEFT = 0, unity::dash::RIGHT }
enum  unity::dash::BlendMode { unity::dash::NORMAL, unity::dash::MULTIPLY, unity::dash::SCREEN }
enum  unity::dash::FontWeight { unity::dash::LIGHT, unity::dash::REGULAR, unity::dash::BOLD }
enum  unity::dash::Segment { unity::dash::LEFT = 0, unity::dash::MIDDLE, unity::dash::RIGHT }
enum  unity::dash::Arrow { unity::dash::LEFT = 0, unity::dash::RIGHT, unity::dash::BOTH, unity::dash::NONE }