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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
tor- [code]Functions to use and manipulate the tor_addr_t structure
tor- [code]Headers for address.h
tor- [code]Implements a counter-mode stream cipher on top of AES
tor- [code]Headers for aes.c
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Wrappers to make calls more portable
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Wrappers to handle porting between different versions of libevent
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Implements a smartlist (a resizable array) along with helper functions to use smartlists
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Wrapper functions to present a consistent interface to public-key and symmetric cryptography operations from OpenSSL
tor- [code]Headers for crypto.c
tor- [code]Functions for data-independent operations
tor- [code]Headers for di_ops.c
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Functions to send messages to log files or the console
tor- [code]Implementation for memarea_t, an allocator for allocating lots of small objects that will be freed all at once
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Headers for mempool.c
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Process-termination monitor functions
tor- [code]Headers for procmon.c
tor- [code]SHA256 by Tom St Denis
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]A simple in-memory gzip implementation
tor- [code]Headers for torgzip.h
tor- [code]Header file to define uint32_t and friends
tor- [code]Headers for log.c
tor- [code]Wrapper functions to present a consistent interface to TLS, SSL, and X.509 functions from OpenSSL
tor- [code]Headers for tortls.c
tor- [code]Common functions for strings, IO, network, data structures, process control
tor- [code]Headers for util.c
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Implements a generic interface buffer
tor- [code]Header file for buffers.c
tor- [code]The actual details of building circuits
tor- [code]Header file for circuitbuild.c
tor- [code]Manage the global circuit list
tor- [code]Header file for circuitlist.c
tor- [code]Launch the right sort of circuits and attach streams to them
tor- [code]Header file for circuituse.c
tor- [code]Functions for processing incoming cells
tor- [code]Header file for command.c
tor- [code]Code to parse and interpret configuration files
tor- [code]Header file for config.c
tor- [code]
tor- [code]General high-level functions to handle reading and writing on connections
tor- [code]Header file for connection.c
tor- [code]Handle edge streams
tor- [code]Header file for connection_edge.c
tor- [code]Functions to handle OR connections, TLS handshaking, and cells on the network
tor- [code]Header file for connection_or.c
tor- [code]Implementation for Tor's control-socket interface
tor- [code]Header file for control.c
tor- [code]Implements a farm of 'CPU worker' processes to perform CPU-intensive tasks in another thread or process, to not interrupt the main thread
tor- [code]Header file for cpuworker.c
tor- [code]Code to send and fetch directories and router descriptors via HTTP
tor- [code]Header file for directory.c
tor- [code]Directory server core implementation
tor- [code]Header file for dirserv.c
tor- [code]Functions to compute directory consensus, and schedule voting
tor- [code]Header file for dirvote.c
tor- [code]Implements a local cache for DNS results for Tor servers
tor- [code]Header file for dns.c
tor- [code]Implements client-side DNS proxy server code
tor- [code]Header file for dnsserv.c
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Functions related to maintaining an IP-to-country database; to summarizing client connections by country to entry guards, bridges, and directory servers; and for statistics on answering network status requests
tor- [code]Header file for geoip.c
tor- [code]Functions to close listeners, stop allowing new circuits, etc in preparation for closing down or going dormant; and to track bandwidth and time intervals to know when to hibernate and when to stop hibernating
tor- [code]Header file for hibernate.c
tor- [code]Toplevel module
tor- [code]Header file for main.c
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Header file for microdesc.c
tor- [code]Functions and structures for handling network status documents as a client or cache
tor- [code]Header file for networkstatus.c
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Header file for ntmain.c
tor- [code]Functions to queue create cells, and handle onionskin parsing and creation
tor- [code]Header file for onion.c
tor- [code]Master header file for Tor-specific functionality
tor- [code]Code to parse and use address policies and exit policies
tor- [code]Header file for policies.c
tor- [code]Convert circuit, stream, and orconn error reasons to and/or from strings and errno values
tor- [code]Header file for reasons.c
tor- [code]Handle relay cell encryption/decryption, plus packaging and receiving from circuits, plus queuing on circuits
tor- [code]Header file for relay.c
tor- [code]Client code to access location-hidden services
tor- [code]Header file for rendclient.c
tor- [code]Rendezvous implementation: shared code between introducers, services, clients, and rendezvous points
tor- [code]Header file for rendcommon.c
tor- [code]Implement introductions points and rendezvous points
tor- [code]Header file for rendmid.c
tor- [code]The hidden-service side of rendezvous functionality
tor- [code]Header file for rendservice.c
tor- [code]Basic history and "reputation" functionality to remember which servers have worked in the past, how much bandwidth we've been using, which ports we tend to want, and so on; further, exit port statistics, cell statistics, and connection statistics
tor- [code]Header file for rephist.c
tor- [code]OR functionality, including key maintenance, generating and uploading server descriptors, retrying OR connections
tor- [code]Header file for router.c
tor- [code]Code to maintain and access the global list of routerinfos for known servers
tor- [code]Header file for routerlist.c
tor- [code]Code to parse and validate router descriptors and directories
tor- [code]Header file for routerparse.c
tor- [code]Keep status information and log the heartbeat messages
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Stub module containing a main() function
tor- [code]Pluggable Transports related code
tor- [code]Headers for transports.c
tor- [code]Benchmarks for lower level Tor modules
tor- [code]
tor- [code]Unit tests for many pieces of the lower level Tor modules
tor- [code]Macros and functions used by unit tests
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]
tor- [code]The implementation of our NAT-PMP firewall helper
tor- [code]
tor- [code]The implementation of our UPnP firewall helper
tor- [code]The main header for our firewall helper
tor- [code]The main wrapper around our firewall helper logic
tor- [code]The main header for our firewall helper
tor- [code]