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Directory dependency graph for tor-


file  address.c [code]

Functions to use and manipulate the tor_addr_t structure.

file  address.h [code]

Headers for address.h.

file  aes.c [code]

Implements a counter-mode stream cipher on top of AES.

file  aes.h [code]

Headers for aes.c.

file [code]
file  compat.c [code]

Wrappers to make calls more portable.

file  compat.h [code]
file  compat_libevent.c [code]

Wrappers to handle porting between different versions of libevent.

file  compat_libevent.h [code]
file  container.c [code]

Implements a smartlist (a resizable array) along with helper functions to use smartlists.

file  container.h [code]
file  crypto.c [code]

Wrapper functions to present a consistent interface to public-key and symmetric cryptography operations from OpenSSL.

file  crypto.h [code]

Headers for crypto.c.

file  di_ops.c [code]

Functions for data-independent operations.

file  di_ops.h [code]

Headers for di_ops.c.

file  ht.h [code]
file  log.c [code]

Functions to send messages to log files or the console.

file  memarea.c [code]

Implementation for memarea_t, an allocator for allocating lots of small objects that will be freed all at once.

file  memarea.h [code]
file  mempool.c [code]
file  mempool.h [code]

Headers for mempool.c.

file  OpenBSD_malloc_Linux.c [code]
file  procmon.c [code]

Process-termination monitor functions.

file  procmon.h [code]

Headers for procmon.c.

file  sha256.c [code]

SHA256 by Tom St Denis.

file  strlcat.c [code]
file  strlcpy.c [code]
file  torgzip.c [code]

A simple in-memory gzip implementation.

file  torgzip.h [code]

Headers for torgzip.h.

file  torint.h [code]

Header file to define uint32_t and friends.

file  torlog.h [code]

Headers for log.c.

file  tortls.c [code]

Wrapper functions to present a consistent interface to TLS, SSL, and X.509 functions from OpenSSL.

file  tortls.h [code]

Headers for tortls.c.

file  util.c [code]

Common functions for strings, IO, network, data structures, process control.

file  util.h [code]

Headers for util.c.

file  util_codedigest.c [code]