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verb_language.cpp File Reference
#include "analyze.hpp"
#include "impl_language.hpp"
#include "scheme.hpp"
#include "packrat.hpp"

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language prog_language (string s)

Function Documentation

language prog_language ( string  s)

Definition at line 78 of file verb_language.cpp.

  if (language::instances -> contains (s)) return language (s);
  if (s == "scheme")
    return make (language, s, tm_new<scheme_language_rep> (s));
  if (s == "mathemagix")
    return make (language, s, tm_new<mathemagix_language_rep> (s));
  if (s == "cpp")
    return make (language, s, tm_new<cpp_language_rep> (s));
  return make (language, s, tm_new<verb_language_rep> (s));

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