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totm.cpp File Reference
#include "convert.hpp"
#include "drd_std.hpp"

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struct  tm_writer


string tree_to_texmacs (tree t)

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Definition at line 320 of file totm.cpp.

  if (!is_snippet (t)) {
    int i, n= N(t);
    tree r (t, n);
    for (i=0; i<n; i++)
      if (is_compound (t[i], "style", 1)) {
       tree style= t[i][0];
       if (is_func (style, TUPLE, 1)) style= style[0];
       r[i]= copy (t[i]);
       r[i][0]= style;
      else r[i]= t[i];
    t= r;

  tm_writer tmw;
  tmw.write (t);
  tmw.flush ();
  return tmw.buf;

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