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tm_frame.hpp File Reference
#include "server.hpp"
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class  tm_frame_rep


widget box_widget (box b, bool trans)
widget box_widget (scheme_tree p, string s, color col, bool trans=true, bool ink=false)

Function Documentation

widget box_widget ( box  b,
bool  trans 

Definition at line 149 of file tm_button.cpp.

  color col= light_grey;
  return widget (tm_new<box_widget_rep> (b, col, tr, 6, 3*PIXEL, 3*PIXEL));

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widget box_widget ( scheme_tree  p,
string  s,
color  col,
bool  trans = true,
bool  ink = false 

Definition at line 155 of file tm_button.cpp.

  string family  = "roman";
  string fn_class= "mr";
  string series  = "medium";
  string shape   = "normal";
  int    sz      = 10;
  int    dpi     = 600;
  int    n       = arity (p);
  if ((n >= 1) && is_atomic (p[0])) family  = as_string (p[0]);
  if ((n >= 2) && is_atomic (p[1])) fn_class= as_string (p[1]);
  if ((n >= 3) && is_atomic (p[2])) series  = as_string (p[2]);
  if ((n >= 4) && is_atomic (p[3])) shape   = as_string (p[3]);
  if ((n >= 5) && is_atomic (p[4])) sz      = as_int (p[4]);
  if ((n >= 6) && is_atomic (p[5])) dpi     = as_int (p[5]);
  font fn= find_font (family, fn_class, series, shape, sz, dpi);
  box  b = text_box (decorate (), 0, s, fn, col);
  if (ink) b= resize_box (decorate (), b, b->x3, b->y3, b->x4, b->y4, true);
  return box_widget (b, trans);

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