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tm_frame.cpp File Reference
#include "tm_frame.hpp"
#include "tm_window.hpp"
#include "message.hpp"

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widget make_menu_widget (object menu)
string icon_bar_name (int which)

Function Documentation

string icon_bar_name ( int  which)

Definition at line 41 of file tm_frame.cpp.

  if (which == 0) return "main";
  else if (which == 1) return "mode";
  else if (which == 2) return "focus";
  else return "user";

Definition at line 29 of file tm_frame.cpp.

  widget w= as_widget (call ("make-menu-widget", menu, 0));
  //string s= "(make-menu-widget '" * menu * " 0)";
  //widget w= as_widget (eval (s));
  if (is_nil (w)) {
    array<widget> a (0);
    return horizontal_menu (a);
  return w;

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