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tabs_widget.cpp File Reference
#include "window.hpp"
#include "Widkit/composite_widget.hpp"
#include "Widkit/layout.hpp"

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class  tabs_widget_rep


#define THIS   (wk_widget (this))


void abs_round (SI &l)
void refresh_size (widget wid, bool exact)
array< wk_widgettabs_make (array< wk_widget > a, array< wk_widget > b)
wk_widget tabs_widget (array< wk_widget > a, array< wk_widget > b)

Define Documentation

#define THIS   (wk_widget (this))

Definition at line 16 of file tabs_widget.cpp.

Function Documentation

void abs_round ( SI l)

Definition at line 187 of file renderer.cpp.

  l= RND (l);

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void refresh_size ( widget  wid,
bool  exact 

Definition at line 88 of file window_widget.cpp.

  window win= concrete (wid) -> win;
  SI old_w, old_h;
  win->get_size (old_w, old_h);
  SI def_w= old_w, def_h= old_h;
  SI min_w= old_w, min_h= old_h;
  SI max_w= old_w, max_h= old_h;
  concrete (wid) << get_size (def_w, def_h, 0);
  concrete (wid) << get_size (min_w, min_h, -1);
  concrete (wid) << get_size (max_w, max_h, 1);
  win->set_size_limits (min_w, min_h, max_w, max_h);
  SI new_w= min (max (old_w, min_w), max_w);
  SI new_h= min (max (old_h, min_h), max_h);
  if (exact) { new_w= def_w; new_h= def_h; }
  if (new_w != old_w || new_h != old_h) {
    concrete (wid) << emit_position (0, 0, new_w, new_h);
    win->set_size (new_w, new_h);

Definition at line 40 of file tabs_widget.cpp.

  array<wk_widget> copy_a= copy (a);
  array<string> names;
  for (int i=0; i<N(a); i++) names << as_string (i);
  copy_a << switch_widget (b, names, 0);
  return copy_a;

Here is the call graph for this function:

Definition at line 181 of file tabs_widget.cpp.

  return tm_new<tabs_widget_rep> (a, b);