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info_box_rep Member List
This is the complete list of members for info_box_rep, including all inherited members.
abstract_struct()abstract_struct [inline]
access_allowed()composite_box_rep [virtual]
accessible()box_rep [inline]
action(tree t, SI x, SI y, SI delta)composite_box_rep [virtual]
anim_check_invalid(bool &flag, time_t &at, rectangles &rs)box_rep
anim_finish_now()box_rep [virtual]
anim_finished()box_rep [virtual]
anim_get_invalid(bool &flag, time_t &at, rectangles &rs)box_rep [virtual]
anim_length()box_rep [virtual]
anim_next_update()box_rep [virtual]
anim_start_at(time_t at)box_rep [virtual]
anim_started()box_rep [virtual]
box_rep(path ip)box_rep [inline]
clear_incomplete(rectangles &rs, SI pixel, int i, int i1, int i2)box_rep [virtual]
collect_page_numbers(hashmap< string, tree > &h, tree page)composite_box_rep [virtual]
composite_box_rep(path ip)composite_box_rep
composite_box_rep(path ip, array< box > bs)composite_box_rep
composite_box_rep(path ip, array< box > bs, bool init_sx_sy)composite_box_rep
composite_box_rep(path ip, array< box > bs, array< SI > x, array< SI > y)composite_box_rep
contains_rectangle(SI x1, SI y1, SI x2, SI y2)box_rep
decoration()box_rep [inline]
display(renderer ren)composite_box_rep [virtual]
distance(int i, SI x, SI y, SI delta)box_rep
find_box_path(SI x, SI y, SI delta, bool force)composite_box_rep [virtual]
find_box_path(path p, bool &found)composite_box_rep [virtual]
find_check_cursor(path p)box_rep
find_check_selection(path lp, path rp)box_rep
find_child(SI x, SI y, SI delta, bool force)composite_box_rep [virtual]
find_cursor(path bp)composite_box_rep [virtual]
find_frame(path bp, bool last=false)box_rep
find_grid(path bp)box_rep
find_left_box_path()box_rep [virtual]
find_limits(path bp, point &lim1, point &lim2)box_rep
find_lip()composite_box_rep [virtual]
find_right_box_path()box_rep [virtual]
find_rip()composite_box_rep [virtual]
find_selection(path lbp, path rbp)composite_box_rep [virtual]
find_tag(string name)composite_box_rep [virtual]
find_tree_path(path bp)composite_box_rep [virtual]
box_rep::find_tree_path(SI x, SI y, SI delta)box_rep
get_frame()box_rep [virtual]
get_grid()box_rep [virtual]
get_info(tree in)box_rep [virtual]
get_leaf_color()box_rep [virtual]
get_leaf_font()box_rep [virtual]
get_leaf_language()box_rep [virtual]
get_leaf_lazy()box_rep [virtual]
get_leaf_left_pos()box_rep [virtual]
get_leaf_offset(string search)box_rep [virtual]
get_leaf_right_pos()box_rep [virtual]
get_leaf_string()box_rep [virtual]
get_leaf_tree()box_rep [virtual]
get_limits(point &lim1, point &lim2)box_rep [virtual]
get_type()box_rep [virtual]
graphical_distance(SI x, SI y)box_rep [virtual]
graphical_select(SI x, SI y, SI dist)composite_box_rep [virtual]
graphical_select(SI x1, SI y1, SI x2, SI y2)composite_box_rep [virtual]
h()box_rep [inline]
in_rectangle(SI x1, SI y1, SI x2, SI y2)box_rep
info_box_rep(path ip, SI h, SI lw, color dark, color light)info_box_rep
insert(box b, SI x, SI y)composite_box_rep
lazy_paragraph_repbox_rep [friend]
left_correction()box_rep [virtual]
left_slope()box_rep [virtual]
loci(SI x, SI y, SI delta, list< string > &ids, rectangles &rs)composite_box_rep [virtual]
lsub_correction()box_rep [virtual]
lsup_correction()box_rep [virtual]
make_eps(url dest, box b, int dpi=600)box_rep [friend]
operator tree()info_box_rep [inline, virtual]
page_box_repbox_rep [friend]
phrase_box_rep classbox_rep [friend]
position_at(SI x, SI y, rectangles &change_log)box_rep [virtual]
post_display(renderer &ren)box_rep [virtual]
pre_display(renderer &ren)box_rep [virtual]
redraw(renderer ren, path p, rectangles &l)box_rep
redraw(renderer ren, path p, rectangles &l, SI x, SI y)box_rep
reindex(int i, int item, int n)box_rep [virtual]
relocate(path p, bool force=false)box_rep
remember_box_rep classbox_rep [friend]
right_correction()box_rep [virtual]
right_slope()box_rep [virtual]
rsub_correction()box_rep [virtual]
rsup_correction()box_rep [virtual]
sub_hi_lim(int level)box_rep [virtual]
sub_lo_base(int level)box_rep [virtual]
subbox(int i)composite_box_rep [virtual]
subnr()composite_box_rep [virtual]
sup_hi_lim(int level)box_rep [virtual]
sup_lo_base(int level)box_rep [virtual]
sup_lo_lim(int level)box_rep [virtual]
sx(int i)box_rep [inline]
sx1(int i)box_rep [inline]
sx2(int i)box_rep [inline]
sx3(int i)box_rep [inline]
sx4(int i)box_rep [inline]
sy(int i)box_rep [inline]
sy1(int i)box_rep [inline]
sy2(int i)box_rep [inline]
sy3(int i)box_rep [inline]
sy4(int i)box_rep [inline]
test_in(SI x, SI y)box_rep [inline]
transform(frame fr)composite_box_rep [virtual]
w()box_rep [inline]
~abstract_struct()abstract_struct [inline, virtual]
~box_rep()box_rep [inline, virtual]