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event_rep Struct Reference

#include <event.hpp>

Inherits abstract_struct.

Inherited by alarm_event_rep, attach_window_event_rep, clean_event_rep, clear_event_rep, destroy_event_rep, find_child_event_rep, get_command_event_rep, get_coord1_event_rep, get_coord2_event_rep, get_coord3_event_rep, get_coord4_event_rep, get_double_event_rep, get_integer_event_rep, get_size_event_rep, get_string_event_rep, get_widget_event_rep, insert_event_rep, invalidate_event_rep, keyboard_focus_event_rep, keyboard_grab_event_rep, keypress_event_rep, mouse_event_rep, mouse_grab_event_rep, move_event_rep, position_event_rep, refresh_event_rep, remove_event_rep, repaint_event_rep, request_alarm_event_rep, resize_event_rep, scroll_event_rep, set_command_event_rep, set_coord1_event_rep, set_coord2_event_rep, set_coord3_event_rep, set_coord4_event_rep, set_double_event_rep, set_integer_event_rep, set_string_event_rep, set_widget_event_rep, and update_event_rep.

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Public Member Functions

 event_rep (int type2)
virtual ~event_rep ()
virtual operator tree ()=0

Public Attributes

int type
int ref_count

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file event.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

event_rep::event_rep ( int  type2) [inline]

Definition at line 34 of file event.hpp.

: type (type2) { TM_DEBUG(event_count++); }

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virtual event_rep::~event_rep ( ) [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 35 of file event.hpp.

{ TM_DEBUG(event_count--); }

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Member Function Documentation

virtual event_rep::operator tree ( ) [pure virtual]

Member Data Documentation

int abstract_struct::ref_count [inherited]

Definition at line 142 of file basic.hpp.

Reimplemented in mouse_event_rep.

Definition at line 33 of file event.hpp.

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