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split_widget.cpp File Reference
#include "rectangles.hpp"
#include "window.hpp"
#include "Widkit/composite_widget.hpp"
#include "Widkit/layout.hpp"

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class  hsplit_widget_rep


void abs_round (SI &l)
wk_widget hsplit_widget (wk_widget l, wk_widget r)

Function Documentation

void abs_round ( SI l)

Definition at line 187 of file renderer.cpp.

  l= RND (l);

Definition at line 171 of file split_widget.cpp.

  array<wk_widget> a (2);
  a[0]= l; a[1]= r;
  array<string> names (2);
  names[0]= "left"; names[1]= "right";
  return tm_new<hsplit_widget_rep> (a, names);