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rel_hashmap.hpp File Reference
#include "hashmap.hpp"
#include "rel_hashmap.cpp"
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class  rel_hashmap< T, U >
class  rel_hashmap_rep< T, U >


#define TMPL   template<class T, class U>


template<class T , class U >
bool is_nil (rel_hashmap< T, U > h)
 CONCRETE_NULL_TEMPLATE_2_CODE (rel_hashmap, class, T, class, U)
TMPL tm_ostreamoperator<< (tm_ostream &out, rel_hashmap< T, U > H)

Define Documentation

#define TMPL   template<class T, class U>

Definition at line 48 of file rel_hashmap.hpp.

Function Documentation

class  ,
T  ,
class  ,
template<class T , class U >
bool is_nil ( rel_hashmap< T, U >  h)
TMPL tm_ostream& operator<< ( tm_ostream out,
rel_hashmap< T, U >  H 

Definition at line 115 of file rel_hashmap.cpp.

  if (is_nil (H)) out << "(null)";
  else {
    while (!is_nil (H->next)) {
      out << H->item << LF;
      out << HRULE << LF;
      H= H->next;
    out << H->item << LF;
  return out;

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