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qt_widget.hpp File Reference
#include "widget.hpp"
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class  qt_widget_rep
 The base class of all TeXmacs widgets in the QT interface. More...
class  qt_widget
 Reference counting mechanism. More...


abstract widget (qt_widget w)
 casting form qt_widget to widget
qt_widget concrete (widget w)
 casting from widget to qt_widget

Function Documentation

qt_widget concrete ( widget  w) [inline]

casting from widget to qt_widget

Definition at line 113 of file qt_widget.hpp.

{ return qt_widget ((qt_widget_rep*) w.rep); }
abstract widget ( qt_widget  w) [inline, pure virtual]

casting form qt_widget to widget

Definition at line 110 of file qt_widget.hpp.

{ return widget (w.rep); }

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