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qt_dialogues.cpp File Reference
#include "widget.hpp"
#include "message.hpp"
#include "qt_dialogues.hpp"
#include "qt_utilities.hpp"
#include "qt_tm_widget.hpp"
#include "qt_basic_widgets.hpp"
#include "qt_chooser_widget.hpp"
#include "qt_printer_widget.hpp"
#include "qt_color_picker_widget.hpp"
#include "url.hpp"
#include "analyze.hpp"
#include "converter.hpp"
#include "QTMMenuHelper.hpp"
#include "QTMGuiHelper.hpp"
#include "QTMStyle.hpp"
#include <QtGui>
#include "string.hpp"
#include "scheme.hpp"

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class  qt_input_widget_rep
class  qt_field_widget_rep
class  qt_field_widget
class  QTMLineEdit


 ABSTRACT_NULL_CODE (qt_field_widget)
widget inputs_list_widget (command call_back, array< string > prompts)
widget input_text_widget (command call_back, string type, array< string > def, int style, string width)
widget color_picker_widget (command call_back, bool bg, array< tree > proposals)
widget file_chooser_widget (command cmd, string type, bool save)
widget printer_widget (command cmd, url ps_pdf_file)

Function Documentation

widget color_picker_widget ( command  call_back,
bool  bg,
array< tree proposals 

Definition at line 532 of file qt_dialogues.cpp.

  // widgets for selecting a color, a pattern or a background image,
  // encoded by a tree. On input, we give a list of recently used proposals
  // on termination the command is called with the selected color as argument
  // the bg flag specifies whether we are picking a background color or fill
  return tm_new<qt_color_picker_widget_rep>(call_back, bg, proposals);  
widget file_chooser_widget ( command  cmd,
string  type,
bool  save 

Definition at line 542 of file qt_dialogues.cpp.

  // file chooser widget for files of a given type; for files of type "image",
  // the widget includes a previsualizer and a default magnification
  // for importation can be specified
  return tm_new<qt_chooser_widget_rep> (cmd, type, save);
widget input_text_widget ( command  call_back,
string  type,
array< string def,
int  style,
string  width 

Definition at line 524 of file qt_dialogues.cpp.

  // a textual input widget for input of a given type and a list of suggested
  // default inputs (the first one should be displayed, if there is one)
  return tm_new<qt_input_text_widget_rep> (call_back, type, def, style, width);
widget inputs_list_widget ( command  call_back,
array< string prompts 

Definition at line 516 of file qt_dialogues.cpp.

  // a dialogue widget with Ok and Cancel buttons and a series of textual
  // input widgets with specified prompts
  if (DEBUG_QT) cout << "inputs_list_widget\n";
  return tm_new<qt_input_widget_rep> (call_back, prompts);
widget printer_widget ( command  cmd,
url  ps_pdf_file 

Definition at line 550 of file qt_dialogues.cpp.

  // widget to print the document, offering a way for selecting a page range,
  // changing the paper type and orientation, previewing, etc.
  return tm_new<qt_printer_widget_rep>(cmd, ps_pdf_file);