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pdf_renderer.hpp File Reference
#include "renderer.hpp"
#include "gui.hpp"
#include "hashmap.hpp"
#include "url.hpp"
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class  pdf_renderer_rep


renderer pdf_renderer (url pdf_file_name, int dpi, int nr_pages=1, string page_type="a4", bool landscape=false, double paper_w=21.0, double paper_h=29.7)

Function Documentation

renderer pdf_renderer ( url  pdf_file_name,
int  dpi,
int  nr_pages = 1,
string  page_type = "a4",
bool  landscape = false,
double  paper_w = 21.0,
double  paper_h = 29.7 

Definition at line 608 of file pdf_renderer.cpp.

  return tm_new<pdf_renderer_rep> (pdf_file_name, dpi, nr_pages,
                       page_type, landscape, paper_w, paper_h);

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