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language.cpp File Reference
#include "impl_language.hpp"
#include "packrat.hpp"

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 RESOURCE_CODE (language)
bool operator== (text_property_rep tpr1, text_property_rep tpr2)
bool operator!= (text_property_rep tpr1, text_property_rep tpr2)
static void set_status (int op1, int op2, int st)
static void init_could_end (int op)
static void init_expect_after (int op)
static void init_expect_space (int op)
void init_succession_status_table ()


text_property_rep global_tpr
text_property_rep tp_normal_rep (TP_NORMAL)
text_property_rep tp_hyph_rep (TP_HYPH, SPC_NONE, SPC_NONE, 0, 0)
text_property_rep tp_space_rep (TP_SPACE, SPC_NONE, SPC_SPACE, 0, 0)
text_property_rep tp_dspace_rep (TP_DSPACE, SPC_NONE, SPC_DSPACE, 0, 0)
text_property_rep tp_period_rep (TP_PERIOD, SPC_NONE, SPC_PERIOD, 0, 0)
text_property_rep tp_blank_rep (TP_BLANK, SPC_NONE, SPC_SPACE, 0, HYPH_INVALID)
text_property_rep tp_half_rep (TP_OPERATOR, SPC_NONE, SPC_HALF, 0, HYPH_INVALID)
text_property_rep tp_operator_rep (TP_OPERATOR, SPC_NONE, SPC_OPERATOR, 0, HYPH_INVALID)
text_property_rep tp_shortop_rep (TP_SHORTOP, SPC_NONE, SPC_TINY, 0, HYPH_INVALID)
int succession_status_table [OP_TOTAL *OP_TOTAL]

Function Documentation

static void init_could_end ( int  op) [inline, static]

Definition at line 81 of file language.cpp.

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static void init_expect_after ( int  op) [inline, static]
static void init_expect_space ( int  op) [inline, static]
bool operator!= ( text_property_rep  tpr1,
text_property_rep  tpr2 

Definition at line 59 of file language.cpp.

  return !(tpr1 == tpr2);
bool operator== ( text_property_rep  tpr1,
text_property_rep  tpr2 

Definition at line 46 of file language.cpp.

    (tpr1.type == tpr2.type) &&
    (tpr1.spc_before == tpr2.spc_before) &&
    (tpr1.spc_after == tpr2.spc_after) &&
    (tpr1.pen_before == tpr2.pen_before) &&
    (tpr1.pen_after == tpr2.pen_after) &&
    (tpr1.op_type == tpr2.op_type) &&
    (tpr1.priority == tpr2.priority) &&
    (tpr1.limits == tpr2.limits);
RESOURCE_CODE ( language  )
static void set_status ( int  op1,
int  op2,
int  st 
) [inline, static]

Definition at line 78 of file language.cpp.

  succession_status_table [op1 * OP_TOTAL + op2]= st; }

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Definition at line 16 of file language.cpp.

Definition at line 67 of file language.cpp.