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TMLazyMenu Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

(void) - setPromise:
(void) - dealloc [implementation]
(void) - menuNeedsUpdate: [implementation]
(BOOL) - menuHasKeyEquivalent:forEvent:target:action: [implementation]

Protected Attributes

promise_rep< widget > * pm
BOOL forced

Detailed Description

Definition at line 165 of file

Member Function Documentation

- (void) dealloc [implementation]

Definition at line 180 of file

{ [self setPromise:NULL]; [super dealloc]; }

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- (BOOL) menuHasKeyEquivalent: (NSMenu *)  menu
forEvent: (NSEvent *)  event
target: (id *)  target
action: (SEL *)  action 

Definition at line 200 of file

                            :(NSMenu *)menu forEvent:(NSEvent *)event target:(id *)target action:(SEL *)action
       return NO;
       // disable keyboard handling for lazy menus
- (void) menuNeedsUpdate: (NSMenu *)  menu [implementation]

Definition at line 182 of file

                       :(NSMenu *)menu
       if (!forced) {
              widget w = pm->eval();
              aqua_menu_rep *wid = (aqua_menu_rep*)(w.rep); 
              NSMenu *menu2 = [wid->item submenu];
              unsigned count = [menu2 numberOfItems];
              for (unsigned j=0; j<count; j++)
                     NSMenuItem *itm = [[[menu2 itemAtIndex:0] retain] autorelease];
                     [menu2 removeItem:itm];
                     [menu insertItem:itm atIndex:j];
              DEC_COUNT_NULL(pm); pm = NULL;
              forced = YES;

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- (void) setPromise: (promise_rep<widget> *)  p

Definition at line 174 of file

                  :(promise_rep<widget> *)p 
       if (pm) { DEC_COUNT_NULL(pm); }  pm = p;  INC_COUNT_NULL(pm); 
       forced = NO;
       [self setDelegate:self];

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Member Data Documentation

- (BOOL) forced [protected]

Definition at line 168 of file

- (promise_rep<widget>*) pm [protected]

Definition at line 167 of file

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