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grid_boxes.cpp File Reference
#include "env.hpp"
#include "Graphics/grid.hpp"
#include "Graphics/point.hpp"
#include "Graphics/frame.hpp"
#include "Boxes/graphics.hpp"
#include "Boxes/composite.hpp"
#include "Graphics/math_util.hpp"

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struct  grid_box_rep


box grid_box (path ip, grid g, frame f, SI un, point lim1, point lim2)

Function Documentation

box grid_box ( path  ip,
grid  g,
frame  f,
SI  un,
point  lim1,
point  lim2 

Definition at line 119 of file grid_boxes.cpp.

  return tm_new<grid_box_rep> (ip, g, f, un, lim1, lim2);

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