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cs_type2.h File Reference
#include "cff_types.h"
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struct  cs_ginfo
struct  cs_ginfo.bbox
struct  cs_ginfo.seac


long cs_copy_charstring (card8 *dest, long destlen, card8 *src, long srclen, cff_index *gsubr, cff_index *subr, double default_width, double nominal_width, cs_ginfo *ginfo)

Class Documentation

struct cs_ginfo

Definition at line 28 of file cs_type2.h.

Class Members
struct cs_ginfo bbox
int flags
struct cs_ginfo seac
double wx
double wy
struct cs_ginfo.bbox

Definition at line 31 of file cs_type2.h.

Class Members
double llx
double lly
double urx
double ury
struct cs_ginfo.seac

Definition at line 34 of file cs_type2.h.

Class Members
card8 achar
double adx
double ady
double asb
card8 bchar

Function Documentation

long cs_copy_charstring ( card8 dest,
long  destlen,
card8 src,
long  srclen,
cff_index gsubr,
cff_index subr,
double  default_width,
double  nominal_width,
cs_ginfo ginfo 

Definition at line 782 of file cs_type2.c.

  card8 *save = dst;


  width = 0.0;
  have_width = 0;

  /* expand call(g)subrs */
  do_charstring(&dst, dst + dstlen, &src, src + srclen, gsubr, subr);

  if (ginfo) {
    ginfo->flags = 0; /* not used */
    if (have_width) {
      ginfo->wx = nominal_width + width;
    } else {
      ginfo->wx = default_width;

  return (long)(dst - save);

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