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concat_animate.cpp File Reference
#include "concater.hpp"

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static void effect_point (edit_env env, box b, tree xt, tree yt, SI &x, SI &y)

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static void effect_point ( edit_env  env,
box  b,
tree  xt,
tree  yt,
SI x,
SI y 
) [static]

Definition at line 42 of file concat_animate.cpp.

  if (is_double (xt)) x= as_int (b->x1 + as_double (xt) * b->w ());
  else x= env->as_length (xt);
  if (is_double (yt)) y= as_int (b->y1 + as_double (yt) * b->h ());
  else y= env->as_length (yt);

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