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window_rep Member List
This is the complete list of members for window_rep, including all inherited members.
begin_draw()window_rep [inline, virtual]
delayed_message(widget wid, string message, time_t delay)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
end_draw()window_rep [inline, virtual]
get_keyboard_focus(widget wid)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
get_mouse_grab(widget wid)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
get_position(SI &x, SI &y)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
get_renderer()=0window_rep [pure virtual]
get_size(SI &w, SI &h)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
get_size_limits(SI &min_w, SI &min_h, SI &max_w, SI &max_h)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
get_widget()=0window_rep [pure virtual]
invalidate(SI x1, SI y1, SI x2, SI y2)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
set_full_screen(bool flag)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
set_keyboard_focus(widget wid, bool get_focus=true)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
set_mouse_grab(widget wid, bool get_grab)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
set_mouse_pointer(widget wid, string name, string mask)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
set_name(string name)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
set_position(SI x, SI y)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
set_size(SI w, SI h)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
set_size_limits(SI min_w, SI min_h, SI max_w, SI max_h)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
set_visibility(bool flag)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
translate(SI x1, SI y1, SI x2, SI y2, SI dx, SI dy)=0window_rep [pure virtual]
window_rep()window_rep [inline]
~window_rep()window_rep [inline, virtual]