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observer_rep Member List
This is the complete list of members for observer_rep, including all inherited members.
abstract_struct()abstract_struct [inline]
announce(tree &ref, modification mod)observer_rep [virtual]
announce_assign(tree &ref, path p, tree t)observer_rep [virtual]
announce_assign_node(tree &ref, path p, tree_label op)observer_rep [virtual]
announce_insert(tree &ref, path p, tree ins)observer_rep [virtual]
announce_insert_node(tree &ref, path p, tree ins)observer_rep [virtual]
announce_join(tree &ref, path p)observer_rep [virtual]
announce_remove(tree &ref, path p, int nr)observer_rep [virtual]
announce_remove_node(tree &ref, path p)observer_rep [virtual]
announce_set_cursor(tree &ref, path p, tree data)observer_rep [virtual]
announce_split(tree &ref, path p)observer_rep [virtual]
done(tree &ref, modification mod)observer_rep [virtual]
get_child(int which)observer_rep [virtual]
get_contents(int kind, blackbox &bb)observer_rep [virtual]
get_highlight(int lan, array< int > &cols)observer_rep [virtual]
get_ip(path &ip)observer_rep [virtual]
get_position(tree &t, int &index)observer_rep [virtual]
get_tree(tree &t)observer_rep [virtual]
get_tree_pointers()observer_rep [virtual]
get_type()observer_rep [inline, virtual]
notify_assign(tree &ref, tree t)observer_rep [virtual]
notify_assign_node(tree &ref, tree_label op)observer_rep [virtual]
notify_detach(tree &ref, tree closest, bool right)observer_rep [virtual]
notify_insert(tree &ref, int pos, int nr)observer_rep [virtual]
notify_insert_node(tree &ref, int pos)observer_rep [virtual]
notify_join(tree &ref, int pos, tree next)observer_rep [virtual]
notify_remove(tree &ref, int pos, int nr)observer_rep [virtual]
notify_remove_node(tree &ref, int pos)observer_rep [virtual]
notify_set_cursor(tree &ref, int pos, tree data)observer_rep [virtual]
notify_split(tree &ref, int pos, tree prev)observer_rep [virtual]
notify_var_join(tree &ref, tree t, int offset)observer_rep [virtual]
notify_var_split(tree &ref, tree t1, tree t2)observer_rep [virtual]
observer_rep()observer_rep [inline]
print(tm_ostream &out)observer_rep [inline, virtual]
set_highlight(int lan, int col, int start, int end)observer_rep [virtual]
set_ip(path ip)observer_rep [virtual]
set_position(tree t, int index)observer_rep [virtual]
touched(tree &ref, path p)observer_rep [virtual]
~abstract_struct()abstract_struct [inline, virtual]
~observer_rep()observer_rep [inline, virtual]