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grid_rep Member List
This is the complete list of members for grid_rep, including all inherited members.
abstract_struct()abstract_struct [inline]
centergrid_rep [protected]
colgrid_rep [protected]
find_closest_point(point p, point pmin, point pmax)=0grid_rep [pure virtual]
find_point_around(point p, double delta, frame f)grid_rep [virtual]
get_curves(point lim1, point lim2, bool b=false)=0grid_rep [pure virtual]
get_curves_around(point p, double delta, frame f)grid_rep [virtual]
grid_rep()grid_rep [inline]
grid_rep(array< SI > subd2, array< string > col2, point o)grid_rep [inline]
operator tree()=0grid_rep [pure virtual]
set_aspect(tree aspect)grid_rep [virtual]
subdgrid_rep [protected]
~abstract_struct()abstract_struct [inline, virtual]
~grid_rep()grid_rep [inline, virtual]