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dictionary_rep Class Reference

#include <dictionary.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 dictionary_rep (string from, string to)
void load (url fname)
void load (string fname)
string translate (string s)

Public Attributes

string res_name

Private Attributes

hashmap< string, stringtable
string from
string to

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file dictionary.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 24 of file dictionary.cpp.

  rep<dictionary> (from2 * "-" * to2), table ("?"), from (from2), to (to2) {}

Member Function Documentation

void dictionary_rep::load ( url  fname)

Definition at line 28 of file dictionary.cpp.

  if (is_none (u)) return;
  if (is_or (u)) {
    load (u[1]);
    load (u[2]);

  string s;
  if (load_string (u, s, false)) return;
  tree t= block_to_scheme_tree (s);
  if (!is_tuple (t)) return;

  int i, n= N(t);
  for (i=0; i<n; i++)
    if (is_func (t[i], TUPLE, 2) &&
       is_atomic (t[i][0]) && is_atomic (t[i][1]))
       string l= t[i][0]->label; if (is_quoted (l)) l= scm_unquote (l);
       string r= t[i][1]->label; if (is_quoted (r)) r= scm_unquote (r);
       if (to == "chinese" || to == "japanese" ||
           to == "korean" || to == "taiwanese")
         r= utf8_to_cork (r);
       table (l)= r;

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void dictionary_rep::load ( string  fname)

Definition at line 56 of file dictionary.cpp.

  fname= fname * ".scm";
  if (DEBUG_VERBOSE) cout << "TeXmacs] Loading " << fname << "\n";
  url u= url ("$TEXMACS_DIC_PATH") * url_wildcard ("*" * fname);
  load (expand (complete (u)));

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Definition at line 78 of file dictionary.cpp.

  // Is s in dictionary?
  if (s == "" || from == to) return s;
  //cout << "Translate <" << s << ">\n";
  if (table->contains (s) && table[s] != "")
    return table[s];

  // remove trailing non iso_alpha characters
  int i, n= N(s);
  for (i=0; i<n; i++)
    if (is_iso_alpha (s[i]))
  int start= i;
  for (i=n; i>0; i--)
    if (is_iso_alpha (s[i-1]))
  int end= i;
  if (start >= n || end <= 0) return s;
  if (start != 0 || end != n) {
    ASSERT (start < end, "invalid situation");
    string s1= translate (s (0, start));
    string s2= translate (s (start, end));
    string s3= translate (s (end, n));
    if (to == "french") {
      if (s3 == ":") s3= " :";
      if (s3 == "!") s3= " !";
      if (s3 == "?") s3= " ?";
    return s1 * s2 * s3;

  // Is lowercase version of s in dictionary?
  string ls= locase_first (s);
  if (table->contains (ls) && table[ls] != "")
    return upcase_first (table[ls]);

  // break at last non iso_alpha character which is not a space
  for (i=n; i>0; i--)
    if (!is_iso_alpha (s[i-1]) && s[i-1] != ' ')
  if (i > 0) {
    string s1= translate (s (0, i));
    string s2= translate (s (i, n));
    return s1 * s2;

  // no translation available
  return s;

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Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 25 of file dictionary.hpp.

string rep< dictionary >::res_name [inherited]

Definition at line 17 of file resource.hpp.

Definition at line 24 of file dictionary.hpp.

Definition at line 25 of file dictionary.hpp.

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