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curve_rep Member List
This is the complete list of members for curve_rep, including all inherited members.
abstract_struct()abstract_struct [inline]
bound(double t, double eps)=0curve_rep [pure virtual]
curvature(double t1, double t2)=0curve_rep [pure virtual]
curve_rep()curve_rep [inline]
evaluate(double t)=0curve_rep [pure virtual]
find_closest_point(double t1, double t2, point p, double eps, bool &found)curve_rep [virtual]
find_closest_points(double t1, double t2, point p, double eps)curve_rep [virtual]
get_control_points(array< double > &abs, array< point > &pts, array< path > &cip)curve_rep [virtual]
grad(double t, bool &error)=0curve_rep [pure virtual]
nr_components()curve_rep [inline, virtual]
rectify(double eps)curve_rep
rectify_cumul(array< point > &a, double eps)=0curve_rep [pure virtual]
~abstract_struct()abstract_struct [inline, virtual]
~curve_rep()curve_rep [inline, virtual]