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charmap.hpp File Reference
#include "resource.hpp"
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struct  charmap_rep


 RESOURCE (charmap)
charmap load_charmap (tree def)

Function Documentation

charmap load_charmap ( tree  def)

Definition at line 201 of file charmap.cpp.

  int i, n= N (def);
  charmap* a= tm_new_array<charmap> (n);
  for (i=0; i<n; i++) {
    //cout << i << "\t" << def[i] << "\n";
    if (def[i] == "any") a[i]= any_charmap ();
    else if (def[i] == "ec") a[i]= ec_charmap ();
    else if (def[i] == "hangul") a[i]= hangul_charmap ();
    else if (def[i] == "la") a[i]= la_charmap ();
    else if (def[i] == "oriental") a[i]= oriental_charmap ();
    else a[i]= explicit_charmap (as_string (def[i]));
  return join_charmap (a, n);

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RESOURCE ( charmap  )