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basic_renderer.hpp File Reference
#include "renderer.hpp"
#include "gui.hpp"
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struct  basic_character_rep
class  basic_character
struct  cache_image_element_rep
class  cache_image_element
class  basic_renderer_rep


typedef basic_renderer_repbasic_renderer


 CONCRETE_CODE (basic_character)
bool operator== (basic_character xc1, basic_character xc2)
bool operator!= (basic_character xc1, basic_character xc2)
int hash (basic_character xc)
 ABSTRACT_NULL_CODE (cache_image_element)
color xpm_to_color (string s)

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 121 of file basic_renderer.hpp.

Function Documentation

int hash ( basic_character  xc)

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bool operator!= ( basic_character  xc1,
basic_character  xc2 
bool operator== ( basic_character  xc1,
basic_character  xc2 

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