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basic_event.cpp File Reference
#include "window.hpp"
#include "Widkit/Event/basic_event.hpp"

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tree as_tree (gravity grav)


emit_find_child(SI x, SI y,
int &which) tm_ostream
operator<< (tm_ostream &out, gravity grav)

Function Documentation

tree as_tree ( gravity  grav)

Definition at line 230 of file basic_event.cpp.

  switch (grav) {
  case north_west: return "north west";
  case north     : return "north";
  case north_east: return "north east";
  case west      : return "west";
  case center    : return "center";
  case east      : return "east";
  case south_west: return "south west";
  case south     : return "south";
  case south_east: return "south east";
  FAILED ("unknown gravity");
  return "";

Variable Documentation

TMPL tm_ostream & operator<< [inline]

Definition at line 225 of file basic_event.cpp.

  return out << as_tree (grav);