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aqua_menu.h File Reference
#include "aqua_widget.h"
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NSMenu * to_nsmenu (widget w)
NSMenuItem * to_nsmenuitem (widget w)

Function Documentation

NSMenu* to_nsmenu ( widget  w)

Definition at line 466 of file

  if (typeid(*w.rep) == typeid(aqua_menu_rep)) {
    aqua_menu_rep *ww = ((aqua_menu_rep*)w.rep);
       NSMenu *m =[[[ww->item submenu] retain] autorelease];
       [ww->item setSubmenu:nil];
       return m;
  else return nil;
NSMenuItem* to_nsmenuitem ( widget  w)

Definition at line 477 of file

       return ((aqua_menu_rep*)w.rep)->item;