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tetex-bin  3.0
zround.c File Reference
#include "config.h"

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integer zround P1C (double, r)

Function Documentation

integer zround P1C ( double  ,

Definition at line 7 of file zround.c.

  integer i;

  /* R can be outside the range of an integer if glue is stretching or
     shrinking a lot.  We can't do any better than returning the largest
     or smallest integer possible in that case.  It doesn't seem to make
     any practical difference.  Here is a sample input file which
     demonstrates the problem, from
       $\hbox{} $\hfill 
 points out we should testing against
     TeX's largest or smallest integer (32 bits), not the machine's.  So
     we might as well use a floating-point constant, and avoid potential
     compiler bugs (also noted by djb, on BSDI).  */
  if (r > 2147483647.0)
    i = 2147483647;
  /* should be ...8, but atof bugs are too common */
  else if (r < -2147483647.0)
    i = -2147483647;
  /* Admittedly some compilers don't follow the ANSI rules of casting
     meaning truncating toward zero; but it doesn't matter enough to do
     anything more complicated here.  */
  else if (r >= 0.0)
    i = (integer)(r + 0.5);
    i = (integer)(r - 0.5);

  return i;