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tetex-bin  3.0
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xstat.h File Reference
#include <kpathsea/c-proto.h>
#include <kpathsea/c-stat.h>
#include <kpathsea/types.h>
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#define SAME_FILE_P(s1, s2)   ((s1).st_ino == (s2).st_ino && (s1).st_dev == (s2).st_dev)
#define xlstat   xstat


struct stat P1H (const_string path)

Define Documentation

#define SAME_FILE_P (   s1,
)    ((s1).st_ino == (s2).st_ino && (s1).st_dev == (s2).st_dev)

Definition at line 29 of file xstat.h.

#define xlstat   xstat

Definition at line 39 of file xstat.h.

Function Documentation

struct stat P1H ( const_string  path) [read, abstract]