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tetex-bin  3.0
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trap.c File Reference
#include "../mfd.h"

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#define EXTERN   extern


boolean mf_trap_initscreen P1H (void)
void mf_trap_blankrectangle P4C (screencol, left, screencol, right, screenrow, top, screenrow, bottom)
void mf_trap_paintrow P4C (screenrow, row, pixelcolor, init_color, transspec, transition_vector, screencol, vector_size)

Define Documentation

#define EXTERN   extern

Definition at line 4 of file trap.c.

Function Documentation

boolean mf_trap_initscreen P1H ( void  ) [read]

Definition at line 14 of file trap.c.

  return 1;

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void mf_trap_blankrectangle P4C ( screencol  ,
left  ,
screencol  ,
right  ,
screenrow  ,
top  ,
screenrow  ,

Definition at line 26 of file trap.c.

  fprintf (logfile, "\nCalling BLANKRECTANGLE(%ld,%ld,%ld,%ld)\n",
           (long)left, (long)right, (long)top, (long)bottom);

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void mf_trap_paintrow P4C ( screenrow  ,
row  ,
pixelcolor  ,
init_color  ,
transspec  ,
transition_vector  ,
screencol  ,

Definition at line 36 of file trap.c.

  unsigned k;

  fprintf (logfile, "Calling PAINTROW(%ld,%ld;", (long)row, (long)init_color);
  for (k = 0; k <= vector_size; k++) {
    fprintf (logfile, "%ld", (long)transition_vector[k]);
    if (k != vector_size)
      putc (',', logfile);
  fputs (")\n", logfile);

Here is the call graph for this function: