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tetex-bin  3.0
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config.h File Reference
#include <kpathsea/config.h>
#include <web2c/c-auto.h>
#include <kpathsea/c-vararg.h>
#include <kpathsea/c-fopen.h>

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#define TEXDLL
#define SCHAR_TYPE   char
#define INTEGER_TYPE   long


typedef SCHAR_TYPE schar
typedef INTEGER_TYPE integer


long strtol P3H (const char *, char **, int)
void uexit P1H (int status)
void usage P1H (const_string progname)
void usagehelp P2H (const_string *message, const_string bug_email)

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Definition at line 79 of file config.h.


Definition at line 80 of file config.h.

#define INTEGER_TYPE   long

Definition at line 78 of file config.h.

#define SCHAR_TYPE   char

Definition at line 50 of file config.h.

#define TEXDLL

Definition at line 29 of file config.h.

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Definition at line 85 of file config.h.

typedef SCHAR_TYPE schar

Definition at line 54 of file config.h.

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void uexit P1H ( int  status)
void usage P1H ( const_string  progname)
void usagehelp P2H ( const_string message,
const_string  bug_email 
long strtol P3H ( const char *  ,
char **  ,