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tetex-bin  3.0
init_keytry.c File Reference
#include <curses.priv.h>
#include <term.h>
#include <tic.h>
#include <init_keytry.h>

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 _nc_init_keytry (void)

Function Documentation

Definition at line 63 of file init_keytry.c.

    size_t n;

    /* The SP->_keytry value is initialized in newterm(), where the SP
     * structure is created, because we can not tell where keypad() or
     * mouse_activate() (which will call keyok()) are first called.

    for (n = 0; _nc_tinfo_fkeys[n].code; n++)
       if (_nc_tinfo_fkeys[n].offset < STRCOUNT)
                        CUR Strings[_nc_tinfo_fkeys[n].offset],
#ifdef TRACE

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