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tetex-bin  3.0
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00001 #ifndef _PROTOS_H_
00003 #define _PROTOS_H_
00005 /* some types need declaration before being used */
00006 struct nlink;
00007 struct hps_link;
00008 struct Char;
00009 struct String;
00010 struct tcd;
00012 /* prototypes for functions from bbox.c */
00013 extern void bbtfmload P1H(fontdesctype *curfnt);
00014 extern void bbspecial P3H(int h, int v, int nbytes);
00015 extern void bbdopage P1H(void);
00016 extern void findbb P1H(int bop);
00018 /* prototypes for functions from color.c */
00019 extern void colorcmdout P1H(char *s);
00020 extern void initcolor P1H(void);
00021 extern void background P1H(char *bkgrnd);
00022 extern void resetcolorstack P2H(char *p, int outtops);
00023 extern void bopcolor P1H(int outtops);
00024 extern void pushcolor P2H(char *p, Boolean outtops);
00025 extern void popcolor P1H(Boolean outtops);
00028 /* prototypes for functions from dopage.c */
00029 extern void dopage P1H(void);
00031 /* prototypes for functions from dosection.c */
00032 extern void dosection P2H(sectiontype *s, int c);
00033 extern int InPageList P1H(int i);
00034 extern void InstallPL P2H(int pslow, int pshigh);
00035 extern int ParsePages P1H(char *s);
00037 /* prototypes for functions from dospecial.c */
00038 extern void specerror P1H(char *s);
00039 extern void outbangspecials P1H(void);
00040 extern int IsSame P2H(char *a, char *b);
00041 extern char *GetKeyVal P2H(char *str, int *tno);
00042 extern void predospecial P2H(int numbytes, Boolean scanning);
00043 extern int maccess P1H(char *s);
00044 extern void dospecial P1H(int numbytes);
00045 extern void fil2ps P2H(char *task, char *iname);
00046 extern float *bbdospecial P1H(int nbytes);
00048 /* prototypes for functions from download.c */
00049 extern void download P2H(charusetype *p, int psfont);
00050 extern void makepsname P2H(char *s, int n);
00051 extern void lfontout P1H(int n);
00052 extern void dopsfont P1H(sectiontype *fs);
00054 /* prototypes for functions from dpicheck.c */
00055 extern void addsiz P1H(int rhsize);
00056 extern void adddpi P1H(int hsize);
00057 extern unsigned short dpicheck P1H(unsigned short dpi);
00059 /* prototypes for functions from drawPS.c */
00060 #ifdef TPIC
00061 extern void setPenSize P1H(char *cp);
00062 extern void addPath P1H(char *cp);
00063 extern void arc P2H(char *cp, int invis);
00064 extern void flushDashedPath P2H(int dotted, double inchesPerDash);
00065 extern void flushPath P1H(int invis);
00066 extern void flushDashed P2H(char *cp, int dotted);
00067 extern void flushSpline P1H(char *cp);
00068 extern void SetShade P1H(char *cp);
00069 extern void shadeLast P1H(char *cp);
00070 extern void whitenLast P1H(void);
00071 extern void blackenLast P1H(void);
00072 #endif /* TPIC */
00074 /* prototypes for functions from dviinput.c */
00075 extern void abortpage P1H(void);
00076 extern short dvibyte P1H(void);
00077 extern unsigned short twobytes P1H(void);
00078 extern int threebytes P1H(void);
00079 extern short signedbyte P1H(void);
00080 extern short signedpair P1H(void);
00081 extern int signedtrio P1H(void);
00082 extern int signedquad P1H(void);
00083 extern void skipover P1H(int i);
00085 /* prototypes for functions from dvips.c */
00086 extern void help P1H(int status);
00087 extern void error_with_perror P2H(char *s, char *fname);
00088 extern void error P1H(char *s);
00089 extern void check_checksum P3H(unsigned int c1, unsigned int c2, const char *name);
00090 extern char *mymalloc P1H(int n);
00091 extern void morestrings P1H(void);
00092 extern void checkstrings P1H(void);
00093 extern void initialize P1H(void);
00094 extern char *newstring P1H(char *s);
00095 extern void newoutname P1H(void);
00096 extern void *revlist P1H(void *p);
00097 extern void queryargs P1H(void);
00099 /* prototypes for functions from emspecial.c */
00100 extern void emclear P1H(void);
00101 extern struct empt *emptput P3H(short point, int x, int y);
00102 extern struct empt *emptget P1H(short point);
00103 extern float emunits P2H(float width, char *unit);
00104 extern void emspecial P1H(char *p);
00105 extern int readinteger P1H(FILE *f);
00106 extern unsigned short readhalfword P1H(FILE *f);
00107 extern int PCXreadline P3H(FILE *pcxf, unsigned char *pcxbuf, unsigned int byteperline);
00108 /* void PCXgetpalette P5H(FILE *pcxf, struct *pcxh, unsigned char *r, unsigned char *g, unsigned char *b); */
00109 extern void PCXshowpicture(FILE *pcxf,int wide,int high,int bytes,int cp,int bp,unsigned char *r,unsigned char *g,unsigned char *b);
00110 extern void imagehead P5H(char *filename, int wide, int high, float emwidth, float emheight);
00111 extern void imagetail P1H(void);
00112 extern void pcxgraph P4H(FILE *pcxf, char *filename, float emwidth, float emheight);
00113 extern void MSP_2_ps P3H(FILE *f, int wide, int high);
00114 extern void MSP_1_ps P3H(FILE *f, int wide, int high);
00115 extern void mspgraph P4H(FILE *f, char *filename, float emwidth, float emheight);
00116 extern void rgbread P4H(FILE *f, int w, int b, char *s);
00117 extern void rle4read P4H(FILE *f, int w, int b, char *s);
00118 extern void rle8read P4H(FILE *f, int w, int b, char *s);
00119 extern void bmpgraph P4H(FILE *f, char *filename, float emwidth, float emheight);
00120 extern void emgraph P3H(char *filename, float emwidth, float emheight);
00122 /* prototypes for functions from finclude.c */
00123 extern fontdesctype *ifontdef P5H(char *name, char *area, int scsize, int dssize, char *scname);
00124 extern void setfamily P1H(fontdesctype *f);
00125 extern char *getname P1H(char *s);
00126 extern void includechars P2H(fontdesctype *f, char *s);
00127 extern void scan1fontcomment P1H(char *p);
00128 extern int scanvm P1H(char *p);
00129 extern void scan_fontnames P2H(char *str, char *psfile);
00130 extern void scanfontusage P2H(char *p, char *psfile);
00131 extern void scanfontcomments P1H(char *filename);
00132 extern Boolean okascmd P1H(char *ss);
00133 extern void nameout P2H(char *area, char *name);
00134 extern void fonttableout P1H(void);
00136 /* prototypes for functions from flib.c */
00137 #ifdef FONTLIB
00138 extern void fliload P1H(void);
00139 #endif
00141 /* prototypes for functions from fontdef.c */
00142 extern fontdesctype *newfontdesc P5H(int cksum, int scsize, int dssize, char *name, char *area);
00143 extern fontdesctype *matchfont P4H(char *name, char *area, int scsize, char *scname);
00144 extern void fontdef P1H(int siz);
00145 extern int skipnop P1H(void);
00147 /* prototypes for functions from header.c */
00148 extern int add_name P2H(char *s, struct header_list **what );
00149 extern void checkhmem P1H(char *s);
00150 extern int add_header P1H(char *s);
00151 extern char *get_name P1H(struct header_list **what );
00152 extern void send_headers P1H(void);
00154 /* prototypes for functions from hps.c */
00155 #ifdef HPS
00156 extern void do_html P1H(char *s);
00157 extern int href_or_name P1H(void);
00158 extern int parseref P1H(void);
00159 extern int get_string P1H(void);
00160 extern int do_link P2H(char *s, int type);
00161 extern unsigned int hash_string P1H(char *s);
00162 extern struct nlist *lookup_link P2H(char *s, int type);
00163 extern struct nlist *install_link P3H(char *name, struct hps_link *defn, int type);
00164 extern struct hps_link *link_dup P1H(struct hps_link *s);
00165 extern double dvi_to_hps_conv P2H(int i, int dir);
00166 extern int vert_loc P1H(int i);
00167 extern struct hps_link *dest_link P1H(char *s);
00168 extern int count_targets P1H(void);
00169 extern void do_targets P1H(void);
00170 extern void do_target_dict P1H(void);
00171 extern int href_name_match P2H(char *h, char *n);
00172 extern void stamp_hps P1H(struct hps_link *pl);
00173 extern void stamp_external P2H(char *s, struct hps_link *pl);
00174 extern void finish_hps P1H(void);
00175 extern void set_bitfile P2H(char *s, int mode);
00176 extern void vertical_in_hps P1H(void);
00177 extern void print_rect_list P1H(void);
00178 extern void end_current_box P1H(void);
00179 extern void start_new_box P1H(void);
00180 #endif /* HPS */
00182 /* prototypes for functions from loadfont.c */
00183 extern void badpk P1H(char *s);
00184 extern short pkbyte P1H(void);
00185 extern int pkquad P1H(void);
00186 extern int pktrio P1H(void);
00187 extern void lectureuser P1H(void);
00188 extern Boolean pkopen P1H(fontdesctype *fd);
00189 extern void loadfont P1H(fontdesctype *curfnt);
00191 /* prototypes for functions from makefont.c */
00192 extern void makefont P3H(char *name, int dpi, int bdpi);
00194 /* prototypes for functions from output.c */
00195 extern void copyfile P1H(char *s);
00196 extern void figcopyfile P2H(char *s, int systemtype);
00197 extern void specialout P1H(char c);
00198 extern void stringend P1H(void);
00199 #ifdef SHIFTLOWCHARS
00200 extern int T1Char P1H(int c);
00201 #endif
00202 extern void scout P1H(unsigned char c);
00203 extern void cmdout P1H(char *s);
00204 extern void floatout P1H(float n);
00205 extern void doubleout P1H(double n);
00206 extern void numout P1H(int n);
00207 extern void mhexout P2H(unsigned char *p, long len);
00208 extern void fontout P1H(int n);
00209 extern void hvpos P1H(void);
00210 extern void newline P1H(void);
00211 extern void nlcmdout P1H(char *s);
00212 extern int mlower P1H(int c);
00213 extern int ncstrcmp P2H(char *a, char *b);
00214 extern void findpapersize P1H(void);
00215 extern void paperspec P2H(char *s, int hed);
00216 extern char *epsftest P1H(int bop);
00217 extern void open_output P1H(void);
00218 extern void initprinter P1H(sectiontype *sect);
00219 extern void setup P1H(void);
00220 extern void cleanprinter P1H(void);
00221 extern void psflush P1H(void);
00222 extern void pageinit P1H(void);
00223 extern void pageend P1H(void);
00224 extern void drawrule P2H(int rw, int rh);
00226 extern void drawchar P2H(chardesctype * c, int cc);
00227 extern void tell_needed_fonts P1H(void);
00229 /* prototypes for functions from papersiz.c */
00230 extern long myatodim P1H(char **s );
00231 extern void handlepapersize P3H(char *p, int *x, int *y);
00233 /* prototypes for functions from pprescan.c */
00234 extern void pprescanpages P1H(void);
00236 /* prototypes for functions from prescan.c */
00237 extern void readpreamble P1H(void);
00238 extern void prescanpages P1H(void);
00240 /* prototypes for functions from repack.c */
00241 extern void was_putlong P2H(char *a, long i);
00242 extern long getlong P1H(unsigned char *a);
00243 extern void dochar P3H(unsigned char *from, short width, short height);
00244 extern char *makecopy P3H(unsigned char *what, long len, unsigned char *p);
00245 extern void repack P1H(struct tcd *cp);
00247 /* prototypes for functions from resident.c */
00248 extern int hash P1H(char *s);
00249 extern void revpslists P1H(void);
00250 extern void cleanres P1H(void);
00251 extern struct resfont *lookup P1H(char *name);
00252 extern struct resfont *findPSname P1H(char *name);
00253 extern void add_entry P6H(char *TeXname, char *PSname, char *Fontfile, char *Vectfile, char *specinfo, char *downloadinfo);
00254 extern int residentfont P1H(fontdesctype *curfnt);
00255 extern void bad_config P1H(char *err);
00256 extern char *configstring P2H(char *s, int nullok);
00257 extern Boolean getdefaults P1H(char *s);
00258 extern void getpsinfo P1H(char *name);
00259 extern void checkenv P1H(int which);
00261 /* prototypes for functions from scalewidth.c */
00262 extern int scalewidth P2H(int a, int b);
00264 /* prototypes for functions from scanpage.c */
00265 extern Boolean prescanchar P1H(chardesctype *cd);
00266 extern Boolean preselectfont P1H(fontdesctype *f);
00267 extern short scanpage P1H(void);
00269 /* prototypes for functions from search.c */
00270 #ifdef KPATHSEA
00271 extern FILE *search P3H(kpse_file_format_type format, char *file, char *mode);
00272 extern FILE *pksearch P6H(kpse_file_format_type format, char *file, char *mode, unsigned short dpi, char **name_ret , int *dpi_ret);
00273 #else /* !KPATSHEA */
00274 extern FILE *search P3H(char *path, char *file, char *mode);
00275 extern FILE *pksearch P6H(char *path, char *file, char *mode, unsigned short dpi, char **name_ret , int *dpi_ret);
00276 #endif /* KPATHSEA */
00277 extern FILE *my_real_fopen P2H(char *n, char *t);
00278 extern int close_file P1H(FILE *f);
00280 /* prototypes for functions from skippage.c */
00281 extern void skippage P1H(void);
00283 /* prototypes for functions from squeeze.c */
00284 extern void specialout P1H(char c);
00285 extern void strout P1H(char *s);
00286 extern void cmdout P1H(char *s);
00288 /* prototypes for functions from t1part.c */
00289 extern int DefTypeFont P1H(unsigned char *name);
00290 extern int GetZeroLine P1H(unsigned char *str);
00291 extern int GetWord P1H(unsigned char *mem);
00292 extern int GetToken P1H(void);
00293 extern int GetNum P1H(void);
00294 extern int PassToken P1H(void);
00295 extern int PassString P1H(unsigned char flg);
00296 extern void *getmem P1H(unsigned int size);
00297 extern struct Char *AddChar P3H(struct Char *TmpChar, unsigned char *CharName, int num);
00298 extern void AddStr P2H(unsigned char *name, int num);
00299 extern void RevChar P1H(struct Char *TmpChar);
00300 extern void OutChar P2H(struct Char *TmpChar, FILE *fout);
00301 extern void Reverse P1H(struct String *TmpStr);
00302 extern void OutStr P2H(struct String *TmpStr, FILE *fout);
00303 extern void PrintChar P1H(struct Char *TmpChar);
00304 extern int ClearB P1H(void);
00305 extern int ChooseChar P2H(unsigned char *name, struct Char *TmpChar);
00306 extern int FindSeac P1H(int num);
00307 extern int FindCharW P2H(unsigned char *name, int length);
00308 extern void ClearCW P1H(struct Char *ThisChar);
00309 extern int WorkVect P1H(struct Char *TmpChar);
00310 extern void UnDefineCharsW P1H(void);
00311 extern struct Char *UnDefineChars P1H(struct Char *TmpChar);
00312 extern void UnDefineStr P1H(void);
00313 extern void ScanSubrs P1H(int i);
00314 extern void ViewReturnCall P5H(int num_err, int top, int *pstack, int j, int depth);
00315 extern int DeCodeStr P2H(int num, int numseac);
00316 extern void ScanChars P1H(int i);
00317 extern void LastLook P1H(void);
00318 extern int FindKeyWord P2H(int First_Key, int lastkey);
00319 extern int ScanBinary P1H(void);
00320 extern unsigned char *itoasp P3H(int n, unsigned char *s, int len);
00321 extern void SubstNum P1H(void);
00322 extern unsigned long little4 P1H(unsigned char *buff);
00323 extern unsigned char CDeCrypt P2H(unsigned char cipher, unsigned int *lcdr);
00324 extern int EndOfEncoding P1H(int err_num);
00325 extern void CorrectGrid P1H(void);
00326 extern int CharEncoding P1H(void);
00327 extern void FindEncoding P1H(void);
00328 extern void CheckChoosing P1H(void);
00329 extern void OutASCII P3H(FILE *fout, unsigned char *buff, unsigned long len);
00330 extern void BinEDeCrypt P2H(unsigned char *buff, unsigned long len);
00331 extern void HexEDeCrypt P1H(unsigned char *mem);
00332 extern int PartialPFA P2H(FILE *fin, FILE *fout);
00333 extern int PartialPFB P2H(FILE *fin, FILE *fout);
00334 extern void OutHEX P1H(FILE *fout);
00335 extern int Afm P1H(void);
00336 extern int FontPart P3H(FILE *fout, unsigned char *fontfile, unsigned char *vectfile);
00337 extern int LoadVector P2H(int num, struct Char *TmpChar);
00338 extern int ChooseVect P1H(struct Char *tmpChar);
00339 extern void ErrorOfScan P1H(int err);
00340 extern void NameOfProgram P1H(void);
00342 /* prototypes for functions from tfmload.c */
00343 extern void badtfm P1H(char *s);
00344 extern void tfmopen P1H(fontdesctype *fd);
00345 extern short tfmbyte P1H(void);
00346 extern unsigned short tfm16 P1H(void);
00347 extern int tfm32 P1H(void);
00348 extern int tfmload P1H(fontdesctype *curfnt);
00350 /* prototypes for functions from unpack.c */
00351 extern short getnyb P1H(void);
00352 extern Boolean getbit P1H(void);
00353 extern long pkpackednum P1H(void);
00354 extern void flip P2H(char *s, long howmany);
00355 extern long unpack P5H(unsigned char *pack, unsigned short *raster, unsigned short cwidth, unsigned short cheight, unsigned short cmd);
00357 /* prototypes for functions from virtualfont.c */
00358 extern void badvf P1H(char *s);
00359 extern short vfbyte P1H(void);
00360 extern int vfquad P1H(void);
00361 extern int vftrio P1H(void);
00362 extern int vfopen P1H(fontdesctype *fd);
00363 extern struct tft *vfontdef P2H(int s, int siz);
00364 extern Boolean virtualfont P1H(fontdesctype *curfnt);
00366 /* prototypes for functions from writet1.c */
00367 extern void load_enc P2H(char *, char **);
00368 extern boolean t1_subset_2 P3H(char *, unsigned char *, char *);
00370 #endif