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tetex-bin  3.0
protos.h File Reference
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void bbtfmload P1H (fontdesctype *curfnt)
void bbspecial P3H (int h, int v, int nbytes)
void bbdopage P1H (void)
void findbb P1H (int bop)
void colorcmdout P1H (char *s)
void resetcolorstack P2H (char *p, int outtops)
void pushcolor P2H (char *p, Boolean outtops)
void popcolor P1H (Boolean outtops)
void dosection P2H (sectiontype *s, int c)
void InstallPL P2H (int pslow, int pshigh)
int IsSame P2H (char *a, char *b)
char *GetKeyVal P2H (char *str, int *tno)
void predospecial P2H (int numbytes, Boolean scanning)
void download P2H (charusetype *p, int psfont)
void dopsfont P1H (sectiontype *fs)
unsigned short dpicheck P1H (unsigned short dpi)
void check_checksum P3H (unsigned int c1, unsigned int c2, const char *name)
void *revlist P1H (void *p)
struct empt *emptput P3H (short point, int x, int y)
float emunits P2H (float width, char *unit)
int readinteger P1H (FILE *f)
int PCXreadline P3H (FILE *pcxf, unsigned char *pcxbuf, unsigned int byteperline)
void PCXshowpicture (FILE *pcxf, int wide, int high, int bytes, int cp, int bp, unsigned char *r, unsigned char *g, unsigned char *b)
void imagehead P5H (char *filename, int wide, int high, float emwidth, float emheight)
void pcxgraph P4H (FILE *pcxf, char *filename, float emwidth, float emheight)
void MSP_2_ps P3H (FILE *f, int wide, int high)
void rgbread P4H (FILE *f, int w, int b, char *s)
void emgraph P3H (char *filename, float emwidth, float emheight)
fontdesctype *ifontdef P5H (char *name, char *area, int scsize, int dssize, char *scname)
void includechars P2H (fontdesctype *f, char *s)
fontdesctype *newfontdesc P5H (int cksum, int scsize, int dssize, char *name, char *area)
fontdesctype *matchfont P4H (char *name, char *area, int scsize, char *scname)
int add_name P2H (char *s, struct header_list **what)
char *get_name P1H (struct header_list **what)
void makefont P3H (char *name, int dpi, int bdpi)
void specialout P1H (char c)
void scout P1H (unsigned char c)
void floatout P1H (float n)
void doubleout P1H (double n)
void mhexout P2H (unsigned char *p, long len)
void drawchar P2H (chardesctype *c, int cc)
long myatodim P1H (char **s)
void handlepapersize P3H (char *p, int *x, int *y)
void was_putlong P2H (char *a, long i)
long getlong P1H (unsigned char *a)
void dochar P3H (unsigned char *from, short width, short height)
char *makecopy P3H (unsigned char *what, long len, unsigned char *p)
void repack P1H (struct tcd *cp)
void add_entry P6H (char *TeXname, char *PSname, char *Fontfile, char *Vectfile, char *specinfo, char *downloadinfo)
FILE *search P3H (char *path, char *file, char *mode)
FILE *pksearch P6H (char *path, char *file, char *mode, unsigned short dpi, char **name_ret, int *dpi_ret)
void *getmem P1H (unsigned int size)
struct Char *AddChar P3H (struct Char *TmpChar, unsigned char *CharName, int num)
void AddStr P2H (unsigned char *name, int num)
void RevChar P1H (struct Char *TmpChar)
void OutChar P2H (struct Char *TmpChar, FILE *fout)
void Reverse P1H (struct String *TmpStr)
void OutStr P2H (struct String *TmpStr, FILE *fout)
int ChooseChar P2H (unsigned char *name, struct Char *TmpChar)
void ViewReturnCall P5H (int num_err, int top, int *pstack, int j, int depth)
unsigned char *itoasp P3H (int n, unsigned char *s, int len)
unsigned char CDeCrypt P2H (unsigned char cipher, unsigned int *lcdr)
void OutASCII P3H (FILE *fout, unsigned char *buff, unsigned long len)
void BinEDeCrypt P2H (unsigned char *buff, unsigned long len)
int PartialPFA P2H (FILE *fin, FILE *fout)
int FontPart P3H (FILE *fout, unsigned char *fontfile, unsigned char *vectfile)
int LoadVector P2H (int num, struct Char *TmpChar)
long unpack P5H (unsigned char *pack, unsigned short *raster, unsigned short cwidth, unsigned short cheight, unsigned short cmd)
void load_enc P2H (char *, char **)
boolean t1_subset_2 P3H (char *, unsigned char *, char *)

Function Documentation

Boolean virtualfont P1H ( fontdesctype curfnt)
void bbdopage P1H ( void  ) [read]

Definition at line 260 of file afm2tfm.c.

   register char *p ;
   register int c ;

   param = buffer ;
   for (p=buffer; (c=getc(afmin)) != EOF;) {
      if (p - buffer >= INBUFSIZE)
         error("! input line too long; perhaps input file is malformed?") ;
      *p++ = c ;
      if (c == '\r') {
         c = getc(afmin) ;
         if (c != EOF) {
            if (c == '\n') {
               *p++ = c ;
            } else {
               ungetc(c, afmin) ;
         break ;
      } else if (c == '\n') {
         break ;
   *p = 0 ;
   (void)strcpy(obuffer, buffer) ;
   if (p == buffer && c == EOF)
      return(0) ;
      return(1) ;
void add_to_state P1H ( int  bop)
void colorcmdout P1H ( char *  s)
struct empt *emptget P1H ( Boolean  outtops) [read]
void initprinter P1H ( sectiontype fs)
unsigned short dpicheck P1H ( unsigned short  dpi)
void* revlist P1H ( void p)
void aclose P1H ( FILE f)
char* get_name P1H ( struct header_list **  what)
void specialout P1H ( char  c)
int PassString P1H ( unsigned char  c)
void floatout P1H ( float  n)
void doubleout P1H ( double  n)
long myatodim P1H ( char **  s)
void HexEDeCrypt P1H ( unsigned char *  a)
Boolean prescanchar P1H ( struct tcd cp)
void* getmem P1H ( unsigned int  size)
int ChooseVect P1H ( struct Char TmpChar) [read]
void Reverse P1H ( struct String TmpStr)
char *configstring P2H ( char *  p,
int  outtops 
void pushcolor P2H ( char *  p,
Boolean  outtops 
void dosection P2H ( sectiontype s,
int  c 
void out_right P2H ( int  pslow,
int  pshigh 
) [read]
void print_version_and_exit P2H ( char *  a,
char *  b 
char* GetKeyVal P2H ( char *  str,
int tno 
void predospecial P2H ( int  numbytes,
Boolean  scanning 
void download P2H ( charusetype p,
int  psfont 
float emunits P2H ( float  width,
char *  unit 
void includechars P2H ( fontdesctype f,
char *  s 
int add_name P2H ( char *  s,
struct header_list **  what 
void mhexout P2H ( unsigned char *  p,
long  len 
void drawchar P2H ( chardesctype c,
int  cc 
void flip P2H ( char *  a,
long  i 
int FindCharW P2H ( unsigned char *  name,
int  num 
void OutChar P2H ( struct Char TmpChar,
FILE fout 
void OutStr P2H ( struct String TmpStr,
FILE fout 
int ChooseChar P2H ( unsigned char *  name,
struct Char TmpChar 
unsigned char CDeCrypt P2H ( unsigned char  cipher,
unsigned int lcdr 
void BinEDeCrypt P2H ( unsigned char *  buff,
unsigned long  len 
int PartialPFB P2H ( FILE fin,
FILE fout 
int LoadVector P2H ( int  num,
struct Char TmpChar 
void load_enc P2H ( char *  ,
char **   
void bbspecial P3H ( int  h,
int  v,
int  nbytes 
void check_checksum P3H ( unsigned int  c1,
unsigned int  c2,
const char *  name 
struct empt* emptput P3H ( short  point,
int  x,
int  y 
) [read]
int PCXreadline P3H ( FILE pcxf,
unsigned char *  pcxbuf,
unsigned int  byteperline 
void MSP_1_ps P3H ( FILE f,
int  wide,
int  high 
void emgraph P3H ( char *  filename,
float  emwidth,
float  emheight 
void makefont P3H ( char *  name,
int  dpi,
int  bdpi 
void handlepapersize P3H ( char *  p,
int x,
int y 
void dochar P3H ( unsigned char *  from,
short  width,
short  height 
char* makecopy P3H ( unsigned char *  what,
long  len,
unsigned char *  p 
FILE* search P3H ( char *  path,
char *  file,
char *  mode 
struct Char* AddChar P3H ( struct Char TmpChar,
unsigned char *  CharName,
int  num 
) [read]
unsigned char* itoasp P3H ( int  n,
unsigned char *  s,
int  len 
void OutASCII P3H ( FILE fout,
unsigned char *  buff,
unsigned long  len 
int FontPart P3H ( FILE fout,
unsigned char *  fontfile,
unsigned char *  vectfile 
boolean t1_subset_2 P3H ( char *  ,
unsigned char *  ,
char *   
void bmpgraph P4H ( FILE pcxf,
char *  filename,
float  emwidth,
float  emheight 
void rle8read P4H ( FILE f,
int  w,
int  b,
char *  s 
fontdesctype* matchfont P4H ( char *  name,
char *  area,
int  scsize,
char *  scname 
void imagehead P5H ( char *  filename,
int  wide,
int  high,
float  emwidth,
float  emheight 
fontdesctype* ifontdef P5H ( char *  name,
char *  area,
int  scsize,
int  dssize,
char *  scname 
fontdesctype* newfontdesc P5H ( int  cksum,
int  scsize,
int  dssize,
char *  name,
char *  area 
void ViewReturnCall P5H ( int  num_err,
int  top,
int pstack,
int  j,
int  depth 
long unpack P5H ( unsigned char *  pack,
unsigned short raster,
unsigned short  cwidth,
unsigned short  cheight,
unsigned short  cmd 
void add_entry P6H ( char *  TeXname,
char *  PSname,
char *  Fontfile,
char *  Vectfile,
char *  specinfo,
char *  downloadinfo 
FILE* pksearch P6H ( char *  path,
char *  file,
char *  mode,
unsigned short  dpi,
char **  name_ret,
int dpi_ret 
void PCXshowpicture ( FILE pcxf,
int  wide,
int  high,
int  bytes,
int  cp,
int  bp,
unsigned char *  r,
unsigned char *  g,
unsigned char *  b