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tetex-bin  3.0
epdf.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include "pdfspecial.h"
#include "pdfobj.h"
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pdf_objpdf_include_page (FILE *file, struct xform_info *p, char *res_name)

Function Documentation

pdf_obj* pdf_include_page ( FILE file,
struct xform_info p,
char *  res_name 

Definition at line 33 of file epdf.c.

  pdf_obj *trailer = NULL, *catalog = NULL, *page_tree = NULL;
  pdf_obj *kids_ref, *kids;
  pdf_obj *media_box = NULL, *crop_box = NULL, *resources = NULL,
    *contents = NULL, *contents_ref = NULL;
  pdf_obj *tmp1;
#ifdef MEM_DEBUG
  if (!(trailer = pdf_open (image_file))) {
    fprintf (stderr, "\nCorrupt PDF file?\n");
  /* Now just lookup catalog location */
  /* Deref catalog */
  if (trailer && (catalog = pdf_deref_obj(pdf_lookup_dict (trailer,"Root"))) ==
      NULL) {
    fprintf (stderr, "\nCatalog isn't where I expect it.\n");
  if (trailer)
    pdf_release_obj (trailer);

  /* Lookup page tree in catalog */
  if (catalog) {
    page_tree = pdf_deref_obj (pdf_lookup_dict (catalog, "Pages"));
    /* Should be finished with catalog */
    pdf_release_obj (catalog);
  /* Media box and resources can be inherited so start looking for
     them here */
  if (page_tree) {
    if ((tmp1 = pdf_lookup_dict (page_tree, "CropBox")))
      crop_box = pdf_deref_obj (tmp1);
    if ((tmp1 = pdf_lookup_dict (page_tree, "MediaBox")))
      media_box = pdf_deref_obj (tmp1);
    resources = pdf_deref_obj (pdf_lookup_dict (page_tree, "Resources"));
    if (resources == NULL) {
      resources = pdf_new_dict();
    while ((kids_ref = pdf_lookup_dict (page_tree, "Kids")) != NULL) {
      kids = pdf_deref_obj (kids_ref);
      pdf_release_obj (page_tree);
      page_tree = pdf_deref_obj (pdf_get_array(kids, 0));
      pdf_release_obj (kids);
      /* Replace MediaBox if it's here */
      tmp1 = pdf_deref_obj(pdf_lookup_dict (page_tree, "MediaBox"));
      if (tmp1 && media_box)
       pdf_release_obj (media_box);
      if (tmp1) 
       media_box = tmp1;
      /* Do same for CropBox */
      tmp1 = pdf_deref_obj(pdf_lookup_dict (page_tree, "CropBox"));
      if (tmp1 && crop_box)
       pdf_release_obj (crop_box);
      if (tmp1) 
       crop_box = tmp1;
      /* Add resources if they're here */
      tmp1 = pdf_deref_obj (pdf_lookup_dict (page_tree, "Resources"));
      if (tmp1) {
       pdf_merge_dict (tmp1, resources);
       pdf_release_obj (resources);
       resources = tmp1;
    /* At this point, page_tree contains the first page.  media_box,
       crop_box,  and resources should also be set. */
    /* If there's a crop_box, replace media_box with crop_box.
       The rest of this routine assumes crop_box has been released */
    if (crop_box) {
      pdf_release_obj (media_box);
      media_box = crop_box;
      crop_box = NULL;
    /* This gets bit confusing.  In the following code,
       media_box is the box the image is cropped to. 
       The bounding box is the box the image is scaled to */
    /* If user did not supply bounding box, use media_box
       (which may really be cropbox) as bounding box */
    /* Set the crop box parameters in the xform_info structure */
    p->c_llx = pdf_number_value (pdf_get_array (media_box, 0));
    p->c_lly = pdf_number_value (pdf_get_array (media_box, 1));
    p->c_urx = pdf_number_value (pdf_get_array (media_box, 2));
    p->c_ury = pdf_number_value (pdf_get_array (media_box, 3));

    /* Adjust scaling and clipping information as necessary */
    pdf_scale_image (p);

    /* Set the media box to whatever pdf_scale_image() decided
       for the crop box (which may be unchanged) */
    pdf_release_obj (media_box);
    media_box = pdf_new_array ();
    pdf_add_array (media_box, pdf_new_number (p->c_llx));
    pdf_add_array (media_box, pdf_new_number (p->c_lly));
    pdf_add_array (media_box, pdf_new_number (p->c_urx));
    pdf_add_array (media_box, pdf_new_number (p->c_ury));

    if ((contents =
        pdf_deref_obj(pdf_lookup_dict(page_tree,"Contents")))==NULL) {
      fprintf (stderr, "\nNo Contents found\n");
      return NULL;
    pdf_release_obj (page_tree);
  /* Arrays of contents must be handled very differently (not implemented) */
  if (contents && contents -> type != PDF_ARRAY) {
    doc_make_form_xobj (contents, media_box,
                     p->user_bbox? p->u_llx: 0.0,
                     p->user_bbox? p->u_lly: 0.0,
                     1.0, 1.0,
                     resources, res_name);
  } else {
    fprintf (stderr, "\nIgnoring stream with with multiple segments\n");
    contents = NULL;
  if (contents) {
    contents_ref = pdf_ref_obj (contents);
    pdf_release_obj (contents);
  pdf_close ();
#ifdef MEM_DEBUG
  return (contents_ref);

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