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tetex-bin  3.0
Page Member List
This is the complete list of members for Page, including all inherited members.
annotsPage [private]
attrsPage [private]
contentsPage [private]
display(OutputDev *out, double hDPI, double vDPI, int rotate, GBool crop, Links *links, Catalog *catalog, GBool(*abortCheckCbk)(void *data)=NULL, void *abortCheckCbkData=NULL)Page
displaySlice(OutputDev *out, double hDPI, double vDPI, int rotate, GBool crop, int sliceX, int sliceY, int sliceW, int sliceH, Links *links, Catalog *catalog, GBool(*abortCheckCbk)(void *data)=NULL, void *abortCheckCbkData=NULL)Page
getAnnots(Object *obj)Page [inline]
getArtBox()Page [inline]
getBleedBox()Page [inline]
getBox()Page [inline]
getBoxColorInfo()Page [inline]
getContents(Object *obj)Page [inline]
getCropBox()Page [inline]
getGroup()Page [inline]
getHeight()Page [inline]
getLastModified()Page [inline]
getMediaBox()Page [inline]
getMetadata()Page [inline]
getPieceInfo()Page [inline]
getResourceDict()Page [inline]
getRotate()Page [inline]
getSeparationInfo()Page [inline]
getTrimBox()Page [inline]
getWidth()Page [inline]
isCropped()Page [inline]
isOk()Page [inline]
numPage [private]
okPage [private]
Page(XRef *xrefA, int numA, Dict *pageDict, PageAttrs *attrsA)Page
xrefPage [private]