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tetex-bin  3.0
GString Member List
This is the complete list of members for GString, including all inherited members.
append(char c)GString
append(GString *str)GString
append(const char *str)GString
append(const char *str, int lengthA)GString
cmp(GString *str)GString [inline]
cmp(const char *sA)GString [inline]
cmpN(GString *str, int n)GString [inline]
cmpN(const char *sA, int n)GString [inline]
copy()GString [inline]
del(int i, int n=1)GString
fromInt(int x)GString [static]
getChar(int i)GString [inline]
getCString()GString [inline]
getLength()GString [inline]
GString(const char *sA)GString
GString(const char *sA, int lengthA)GString
GString(GString *str, int idx, int lengthA)GString
GString(GString *str)GString
GString(GString *str1, GString *str2)GString
insert(int i, char c)GString
insert(int i, GString *str)GString
insert(int i, const char *str)GString
insert(int i, const char *str, int lengthA)GString
lengthGString [private]
resize(int length1)GString [inline, private]
sGString [private]
setChar(int i, char c)GString [inline]