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tetex-bin  3.0
FoFiBase Member List
This is the complete list of members for FoFiBase, including all inherited members.
checkRegion(int pos, int size)FoFiBase [protected]
fileFoFiBase [protected]
fileDataFoFiBase [protected]
FoFiBase(char *fileA, int lenA, GBool freeFileDataA)FoFiBase [protected]
freeFileDataFoFiBase [protected]
getS16BE(int pos, GBool *ok)FoFiBase [protected]
getS32BE(int pos, GBool *ok)FoFiBase [protected]
getS8(int pos, GBool *ok)FoFiBase [protected]
getU16BE(int pos, GBool *ok)FoFiBase [protected]
getU32BE(int pos, GBool *ok)FoFiBase [protected]
getU8(int pos, GBool *ok)FoFiBase [protected]
getUVarBE(int pos, int size, GBool *ok)FoFiBase [protected]
lenFoFiBase [protected]
readFile(char *fileName, int *fileLen)FoFiBase [protected, static]
~FoFiBase()FoFiBase [virtual]