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tetex-bin  3.0
Catalog Member List
This is the complete list of members for Catalog, including all inherited members.
baseURICatalog [private]
Catalog(XRef *xrefA)Catalog
destsCatalog [private]
findDest(GString *name)Catalog
findDestInTree(Object *tree, GString *name, Object *obj)Catalog [private]
findPage(int num, int gen)Catalog
getBaseURI()Catalog [inline]
getNumPages()Catalog [inline]
getOutline()Catalog [inline]
getPage(int i)Catalog [inline]
getPageRef(int i)Catalog [inline]
getStructTreeRoot()Catalog [inline]
isOk()Catalog [inline]
metadataCatalog [private]
nameTreeCatalog [private]
numPagesCatalog [private]
okCatalog [private]
outlineCatalog [private]
pageRefsCatalog [private]
pagesCatalog [private]
pagesSizeCatalog [private]
readPageTree(Dict *pages, PageAttrs *attrs, int start)Catalog [private]
structTreeRootCatalog [private]
xrefCatalog [private]