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tetex-bin  3.0
CMap Member List
This is the complete list of members for CMap, including all inherited members.
addCIDs(Guint start, Guint end, Guint nBytes, CID firstCID)CMap [private]
addCodeSpace(CMapVectorEntry *vec, Guint start, Guint end, Guint nBytes)CMap [private]
CMap(GString *collectionA, GString *cMapNameA)CMap [private]
CMap(GString *collectionA, GString *cMapNameA, int wModeA)CMap [private]
cMapNameCMap [private]
collectionCMap [private]
copyVector(CMapVectorEntry *dest, CMapVectorEntry *src)CMap [private]
freeCMapVector(CMapVectorEntry *vec)CMap [private]
getCID(char *s, int len, int *nUsed)CMap
getCollection()CMap [inline]
getWMode()CMap [inline]
match(GString *collectionA, GString *cMapNameA)CMap
parse(CMapCache *cache, GString *collectionA, GString *cMapNameA)CMap [static]
refCntCMap [private]
useCMap(CMapCache *cache, char *useName)CMap [private]
vectorCMap [private]
wModeCMap [private]